My OLPC XO is ordered!


I am Douglas Beagley, a raging XO fan and I called OLPC at exactly 6:00am. The phone was busy on my first three tries, but then I got through.

The operator sounded like a native English speaker who was not very good at taking phone calls, but it may have been a well-trained phone person whose native language was not English.

She followed a phone script on her screen TO THE WORD, which was kind of amusing as she stumbled over the carefully prepared introduction. She did a good job, though, repeating everything back to me, etc. I completed my order by 6:10am, and I have my confirmation number.

The only odd thing: She confirmed several times that I was participating in the "give one, get one" program. At the end, she added that she was confirming my tax-deductible donation of $399. If I am getting a laptop for my gift, then shouldn't my tax-deductible amount be half that?

It is possible that the tax-deductible donation amount really is $399, and that this is not a purchase at all, and that the laptop is technically a gift received because of my donation, in which case I am responsible on my tax form for taking off the value of the gifts given. I think that's the way donations always work, I've just never gotten a "gift" for my donation that was more than a coffee mug.

Oddly, the person on the phone didn't mention the shipping charges to me at all... which makes me nervous that my order won't go through (irrational fear). Anyway, I am very happy that it was so easy to make the order.

Of course, many geeks can't wake up before noon, so that may explain why I got through so quickly. *grin* I hope they are successful. I hope they change the entire laptop industry. I hope they improve the lives of millions of people... including this humble geek from Vermont.

Happy XO day, everyone!

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I G1G1ed via the website (as opposed to the phone line) at about 6:30 AM MST (8:00 AM EST) and everything went smoothly. I wasn't sure whether the website would be slammed or not, but I got right in and through without a problem.

I ordered XO's through both the phone and the website. I found the website to be quicker and more reassuring, but your results may vary.

I used the website and I have my confirmation e-mail in hand. ...easy as pie

I stayed up until 3:00am (PST) to order mine. I used their online order form.

It went pretty smoothly.

I tried ordering mine the day before with no luck. Then I set my alarm for 2:55 A.M. PST because I wanted to be one of the first to order and I was also a little worried they would sell out fast. I got through on the second attempt at exactly 3:00 and when I asked what number caller I was she said around number 1,000! Apparently they started taking orders early, though I don't know what time.

At the end of the call the rep also added that she was confirming my tax-deductible donation of $399. I told her that I thought the tax-deductible donation was actually $200 because one of the laptops was for my home. She said that they were both tax deductible because of the non-profits status. I still think she was wrong on that.

Really though, I am just very thrilled to be a part of this great venture and hope it much success!

BTW - Does anyone know how many have been sold so far today?

I ordered some for the kids this morning via the website and paid via paypal. I'm concerned about shipping because my Paypal account is tied to a PO Box and the terms of G1G1 state that XO Laptops will be shipped only to the Street address the participants (me) provides yet there was no place to enter a shipping address. Any advice and/or ideas?

We had the same problem as Ken with the PO Box. I hope it is OK. We have had a little trouble with other items ordered off various internet companies when it comes to shipping to PO Box. Put the computers are very small and should be no problem to deliver to PO Box. We still have no answer to our question of Does the darn thing come with a solar panel or not? We really want an alternate energy source. We like to do as much "off the grid" stuff as possible, even if we do have ready access to electrical power. If anyone knows, please tell us!!!!

I had a fairly good phone experience.

There was one problem: They can only capture one fulfillment address, so you they didn't end up taking any billing details but did get the delivery address of a friends place in the US who will send it on (I'm in Australia)

Both I and the operator got confused at my confirmation number (all one digit, which we both agreed seemed weird). She checked with her supervisor who I suspect has had a couple of those inquiries, and gave me the customer service number to call in a day or two to confirm the order, which I thought was good.

Now just to wait and see.

An article on Ars Technica makes it pretty explicit: $200 of the $400 should be tax-deductible. This makes perfect sense: You can deduct the full amount of any donation, minus any benefit you received from that donation. OLPC won't come out and say that, of course, instead they say (in their confirmation splash screen) that you should talk to your tax preparer about it to be sure.

Here's the ARS article:

I ordered my G1G1 a few minutes after 6am and had a similar experience, i.e., the operator was friendly and helpful but was also clearly new at it. Based on my own and Euan's experience, I'm under the impression that we all got the same confirmation number.

I'm planning to do some application development for the XO so I'm really looking forward to using it instead of the emulator.

Best wishes to the OLPC/XO team, even if things are a bit bumpy at first this is likely an historical moment and they should be proud of their work.

It would be cool to see published the actual number of XOs delivered (both to children and to geeks, uh, I mean software developers).

I made the G1G1 donation through the website at 6:00 AM (EST) on Nov 12th (website was smooth) I can't wait until I get it. I have my paypal receipt as proof. I have been calling ever since to find out what comes with the laptop for the purchaser (specifically the power source-pull string? ac adaptor?) and how can we track our laptops? No one seems to know anywhere I go on the web either. Anyone have any information?


No pull-string generator, just an AC adapter, and you don't get to track your laptop, OLPC ordering isn't that advanced.

You just have to wait, hope, and dream of an XO Christmas like the rest of us.


I wonder how hard it would be to rig up our own solar panels... the charging input is supposed to be extremely tolerant of varying voltage inputs.'s to dreaming


There's virtually no practical information on how to rig up solar panels to the XO. But I've found all I need to know.

First, finding the proper power plug as a spare part was impossible for me. But the plug is part of many universal laptop/DVD player power adapter and battery kits. For example, you can find the recently discontinued iGo Auto/Air Power 40 power adapter which has a tip (D00) that fits the XO. Search Google for "igo auto/air power 40" and also call Radio Shack stores (here in the U.S.) where they are currently closing them out for $19.95.

Then watch this excellent video tutorial on rigging a solar panel to charge a UMPC, GPS, cell phone and LED flashlight:

Just an update to let others know about the ordering process. I purchased 6 machines for the kids in my life within the 5 minutes of the offical onsale date/time. I ordered online, via paypal, and I was charged $24.95 shipping for each computer ordered. The payment for the order is now complete, registering both as complete on my paypal account and my bank account. This morning I received a message from OLPC Customer Care:

Thank you for participating in the One Laptop per Child "Give One Get One" program. Your donation of $2394.00 will bring education and enlightenment to children of the developing world. $200 of each $399 "Give One Get One" Donation is tax-deductible (your donation minus the fair market value of each laptop you receive). With Shipping and Handling, the total charge to your credit card is $2543.70.

As a "Give One Get One" donor, you will receive one of the first XO laptops to be distributed in North America. Laptops will be delivered on a first come, first served basis. While early purchasers have the best chance of receiving their XO laptops in time for the holidays, quantities are limited and we cannot guarantee timing. We will provide you with regular email updates.

If you have any questions about your donation, please contact OLPC at or call 1-800-201-7144. Should your employer wish to match your donation, we are a 501(c)(3) organization and our EIN# is 20-5471780.

T-Mobile USA is proud to offer you one-year complimentary access to T-Mobile HotSpot in recognition of your support to the One Laptop per Child "Give One Get One" program. As you help children in developing countries stay connected, educated and enlightened, T-Mobile is supporting you! You will receive an email message close to the time that your laptop ships containing instructions on how to begin your complimentary year of T-Mobile HotSpot service. Please refer to for additional information on T-Mobile HotSpot Wireless broadband Internet service.

To find out more about the mission of One Laptop per Child, please visit To review "Give One Get One" terms and conditions, please click here.

Thanks again for your generous support, and welcome to the One Laptop per Child community!


Nicholas Negroponte


OLPC Foundation

One Laptop per Child Foundation is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent provided by U.S. law. This receipt is not valid if your donation is refunded for any reason. Additional information about the foundation is available from or the foundations registration office of your State.

One Laptop per Child

P.O. Box 425087

Cambridge, MA 02142


There was nothing mentioned about being able to ship to a PO Box or not but since they have accepted my order (and money) I assume all is well. Despite the lack of immediate confirmation from OLPC, I think the overall buying/donating process was very simple and I recommend that all who are interested in helping do so. I always say give until it hurts 8^)

Thanks again for this forum. Its nice to have a place to share ideas and concerns.

Port Gamble, WA

Hey everyone, just to let you know what the G1G1 donor help said to me in a recent email:

Dear Greg

We are currently producing laptops as they are requested. The first phase is
expected to ship out just prior to the Holiday's (mid December). The
following ship times can range up to 4 months. We will be using UPS as our
shipping carrier.

No Solar Panel will be sent with the laptops, this item is not yet available
but should be within the next 12 months. All the laptops will come with an
AC Adapter. It will also come with 2 more power sources it can either be a
foot pedal, pull cord, or a crank. At this time we are not able to inform
our donors which one their laptop will have.

Thank you for your interest in One Laptop Per Child.

Donor Services

Perhaps we will get an alternative charger in America (I am a science geek and big on alternative power, so it will be cool if we do)

I'm confused now. So the G1G1 will come with two alternative sources of energy IN ADDITION TO the AC Adapter? That would be very cool.