OLPC Give 1 Get 1 Program: XO-1 Laptop USA Sales!!!

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Do you want a XO laptop for Christmas? Clock-stopping hot educational technology for your children, here in America? Then you're gonna love this: as OLPC News predicted, Nichols Negroponte has modified his XO sales plan for One Laptop Per Child as government orders failed to materialize and the XO price rose.

OLPC has just launched OLPC USA: XO-1 laptop sales at $400 per computer in a "Give 1 Get 1" program:

Starting November 12, One Laptop Per Child will be offering a Give 1 Get 1 Program for a brief window of time. For $399, you will be purchasing two XO laptops - one that will be sent to empower a child to learn in a developing nation, and one that will be sent to your child at home.
But you better sign up quick. XO-1 computer orders only be accepted for two weeks, November 12 to November 26, with delivery promised in time for One Laptop Per Christmas Tree.

I don't know about you, but I plan on buying a XO-1 laptop for every child (and child at heart) on my block!

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Update: Looking at the OLPC pre-order email notification code, I see references to eBay. Does this mean OLPC eBay sales are coming?!

Update #2: Assocated Press reports that just the first 25,000 buyers will be promised delivery of their XOs by the Christmas season. You better be quick! to get your XO's!!

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Great .... I'll sign up for one.

Wow! Is this for real Wayan? I'm really happy for the American kids (and some older geeks that surely cannot resist to have one XO in their hands). Actually this can become a great opportunity to bridge the digital divide in the U.S.

I'm sure that with this new sales plan (and the previous news about Carlos Slim) things are going to change fast.

On the other hand, it is sad that until now governments in the developing world are still 'thinking about it'. However, it seems that after this point, governments become less and less important.

Great news!



XO USA sales are very real. Canadians can also buy and XO, but sadly, I don't think they will have shipments south of the Rio Grande.

Not to worry, send me $400 and I will buy one on your behalf.

Reality check. Nice toy, but not worth $400 even if one goes to someone else. The money is better spent on a used Dell laptop.

this is micheal from uk i need some laptop from you

missing the point no?
Great idea, just wish you guys could ship one to Poland - any plans for the future?

great news indeed, the laptop is going somewhere. But again, I feel it's a laptop that needs company, I hope you buy one for every child of your block, because if only your kid gets one he will be whining he wanted a nintendo ds, since he cannot get mesh network or collaborate with anyone (because nobody else has a xo)

Its a real nice thought about sending things to developing nations but I have one question. What about poor children right here in the good old USA whose parents consider themselves lucky if the can provide 3 meals a day on their children's table much less buy them a laptop?

I am really tired of sending my money to developing countries who hate our country no matter what we do for them not only that in another country what guarantee do we have that it will get into the hands of the intended children and not some thief who will pick their pockets like they did with the donations from the Sunami?

Sorry but I am a realist not everyone has a pure heart like those that will take advantage of this and donate their hard earned monies.

Hi sir,
I saw your post and was so happy that you have a good heart,I know there arepoeple out here that will normally take advantage of generous people like you but i will also like to let you know that God is there and sees your mind,Just play your part thats being generous remeber God is taking note,If you really want to help then do it and if the receiver is doing something else ,the end shall tell,on the last day God will judge us all.
Well am a struggling Cameroonian and felt so embarrased about my fellow brothers who do such things,I will like you to know that am one of those persons who truely need assistance at this moment of my life as my studies have become more complicated as finance is concerned.If you still have a heart of helping the under priviledge like us then i will be so glad and God will bless you too so much.Thanks and hopining to read from you as soon as possible.
My contact number is +237 7788 9122


You're not the only American who wants to help OLPC deliver XO's to needy people in the USA: http://www.olpcnews.com/sales_talk/donors/americans_help_olpc.html

I think you'll have to follow Ted's lead and raise serious cash before OLPC will listen to you.

If the OLPC foundation is a 501c3 - I believe it is -, is the $400 price a tax deductible charitable contribution?

OLPC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and a portion of your purchase will be a tax deductible donation per the XO Giving FAQ: http://www.xogiving.org/faq.html

It doesn't say how much of the laptop purchase will be tax deductible though. By the usual IRS rules, the fair market value of the item, not its cost to OLPC, would be subtracted from $399 to get the donation amount.

So that means the donation would be around $200 or less of $399. Of course you could just donate directly right now - 100% of that money would be tax deductible.

Though do note that you have to itemize your deduction to claim charitable donations.

Yeah, I just found the www.xogiving.org web site about ten minutes after posting.

Would've been nice to get this campaign going six months ago but better late then never I suppose.

Is there any way I can participate in a secular way? I'm a developer who would love to target the XO laptop for some educational software I've written. Getting one (or more) is necessary for that and giving one at the same time is just icing on the cake, but I'm not going to do it if it means proselytizing.

Can I buy one get one in the UK / EU? If not it looks like someone for the USA will be making a lot of money on ebay :|

I note the title of this is regarding the USA, what about the rest of the world? I'm sure that many europeans such as myself would also like to take part in this.

I guess I will have to wait for an FAQ or for orders to be possible before we can find out.

Here we live in the year of the iphone, Halo 3 and yet this news is yet still more wonderfully joyous.

You get to give so much to a child and have the coolest toy - especially as it will be relatively rare.

Could really get OLPC off the ground financially - just think how many they might sell in 2008 for $199 a pair. . .

What about Europe, why can't we pay extra for shipping and get+donate an XO too? They're missing out on a huge segment if they're ignoring the rest of the world.

xogiving.org faq,

"Will these laptop computers be available for purchase in retail stores?

Not at this time."

So maybe they will be for sale in the future. I wonder what is going on here. Is oplc in negotiations to start selling at some set date in the future? Or are they holding off on a decision whether or not to sell, and if so, what developments would sway them one way or the other?

For my part, I would like to see them sold commercially.

xogiving.org faq,

"Will these laptop computers be available for purchase in retail stores?

Not at this time."

So it is possible that they will be sold at some point in the future. I wonder what is going on here. Is olpc on negotiations with some company to start selling them at a set date in the future? Or is it waiting to make a decision as to whether or not to sell them, and if so, what sorts of developments would sway them one way or another?

Negroponte said back in April that they were going to sell in the US, as a way to counter Intel's Classmate. http://money.cnn.com/2007/04/27/technology/fastforward_xo.fortune/index.htm

When Intel decided to join up with olpc, did Negroponte drop those plans, or is he still sticking when them?

I for one would like to see the olpc sold commercially.

This is the problem with the non-profit approach to development. Any business person would have set up a system so that this give1buy1 system would be working right now, today..not at Christmas!! Moreover, the real market is in Detroit and Philadelphia, not in Sao Paolo. Sell them to American school systems and then use all your profits to give them away in the third world.

Reality check. Nice toy, but not worth $400 even if one goes to someone else. The money is better spent on a used Dell laptop.

Reality check - Dell doesn't sell "ruggedized" laptops, at least not for that kind of money. I've seen plenty of Dell laptops fail the graduate student and laboratory use tests - they break in a 2' drop in a padded pack from the back of a hotel shuttle van. They break from the impact from a plastic nalgene jar toppling off a lab shelf. They break in high humidity in an unairconditioned, windowless grad student office, they break - just because they get toted around.

When and where do I buy one of these nifty little thangs?? Have they announced the program sales scheme?

Please check if you can make it available to Europe (and the rest of the world for that matter)

Wow. I signed up for the reminder this morning, my daughter is in kindergarten.

Re: "Not worth $400 - buy an old Dell laptop instead." You're kidding, right? I've gone that route, it's not worth the effort, IMHO.

Now I'm going to really start digging online (here & elsewhere) for more info on SUGAR, and how this machine can 'integrate' with my home existing wireless network & the internet - without being 'meshed' to other XO's. Reason #1: I want her to still be able to access starfall.com.

I'm curious what they'll do for customer support - this could be critical, and from what I understood was one of the reasons that any low-volume sales plans were initially rejected....

where is the reminder sign-up? I can't seem to locate it. Maybe it's too early on Monday! ha.




The OLPC sign-up email form is on the left side of the XO Giving page, right around the blurb that says:

Sign up for an email reminder about Give 1 Get 1.

Just some questions:

1. The "donate" button is also an ordering button (so if I donate *right now* 400$, will I get a laptop, or I must subscribe between 12 and 26 of november?

2. Is it possible to order from Europe?

(3. Wayan: Can I contact you about this ordering, I know nobody from the USA, and I want one laptop. Is it possible, you order for me a laptop? (I would pay in advance to you))

Best regards,

Well . . . this seems to be the day we (or most of us) have been waiting for. It was also just announced on the radio (PRI/BBC program "The World".)

It's unfair to make a direct comparison - Dollar for Dollar - to a $400 computer.
It's a $200 computer (which performs, on many levels, like a $400 machine) and an equal sized tax deductible donation to a non-profit

You should update the pictures of the OLPC to show how the screen really is, that is Black and White, or have they actually switched to a color version since the prototype that I saw a couple months ago? Also put in the dimensions as most people won't know how small it really is until they see it in person. Still a cool little PC, with no Windows to break.

I wouldn't mind getting one, but I won't. Why? Because I don't want more of my money going to a another country. I know that goes against the spirit of this whole project, which is why I won't even consider buying one. Best of luck with your crusade though guys!

Will the Xo be for sale in Europe? I'm planning to buy a couple...

Why are they making everyone wait until 11/12?? Why not start taking orders now? I'd be perfectly willing to give them the money now for this very worthy project.

Perfect computer (I think) for my 76 yr old Dad...

and I bet a lot of corporations would be willing to do this if the screen saver (or what have you) gave credit "this computer bought by Proctor & Gamble" (or whoever). One to a US kid and one abroad -- seems like a win-win to me...


You need to update your OLPC screen knowledge. Its BOTH color and black and white, the B&W being a screen type you can read in direct sunlight! And no matter if the screen is small, the resolution is amazing, just check it out compared to the Classmate: http://www.olpcnews.com/hardware/screen/olpc_xo_resolution_display.html

Please let this be available in Australia you would get alot of takers - it's going round the net like wildfire. To be able to do something for 2 children is marvellous -let us be a part of it - please!

What I'm most worried about here is the keyboard. Ideally, I would have liked to actually use it and get a feel for it.

I do a lot of writing, and a keyboard I'm not comfortable with would negate a great deal of the benefit this laptop would give me. One could always plug in a USB keyboard and use that, but that would miss the much of the point also.

I suppose if I don't like the keyboard and the machine really is limited and in demand I could always sell it after and recoup some of the $200 cost, no?

I've been using the B4 prototype for a couple of months and in my opinion it is worth $400 (actually at least $600). But the important thing here guys is that you will be helping the OLPC foundation to save the production for the 2007 year. So if you have the money, please support the cause.

However, I'll give you another piece of advice: try to get organized within your kid's schools or with the parents of your kid's networks of friends.
If you think about using the XO in the way we use our laptops today you are simply missing one of the main contribution of the OLPC project: the death of the 'lone ranger geek' and the rise of the networked children.

greetings from Chile,


Yeah i also would buy one...but with the shipping costs from USA to europe i think it would be 400-500$ =S and thats toooo much.
Or do you plan saling in europe?

As someone who has been to Zambia, and seen the need and hunger for education out there, I think this is a fabulous idea. I have just sent two laptops to two schools in Ndola. I would beg you to open this scheme to UK residents so that those of us who want to do something meaningful to aid those without oppurtunities can do so. This appears to be, what Stephen Covey would call, a win/win scheme. God bless you in this.

Just heard about this on the British Radio 4 this morning (Thought for the Day) - can we have this in the UK too, please?! This is a fantastic initiative for people in developing countries.

Please, don't forget about Australia. There are many parents who spend that sort of money every year on their children. They would love the opportunity to help developing nations at christmas. This could so easily go GLOBAL. Just find an Aussie company willing to distribute!!

Please, don't forget about Australia. There are many parents who spend that sort of money every year on their children. They would love the opportunity to help developing nations at christmas. This could so easily go GLOBAL. Just find an Aussie company willing to distribute!!

Wow, I'm going to buy a couple for my family in Eritrea. Great news!

I think this is really great, the initiative taken in this. I've been closely folowing the development of OLPC for the past one and half years now, the give 1 get 1 is a brilliant idea!! Before we all know it, the next "Koffi Anann" might owe his education to this.

Where can I buy one (or more) in the UK?

Will they ship to us guys over the 'pond who want to buy them in the spirit of which they were designed?

Its a must have accessory - I want one!


Please make this offer available in Australia and New Zealand.

Did somebody already say: Remember Europe ? ...

I'll get one, if necessary through friends in the US, having seen in the field (Ethiopia) what an impact even much more basic information and communication technology can have on economic development opportunities and on the political development and the strengthening of basic freedoms.

Did somebody say: Europe (and Australia)?

One important argument for shipping it worldwide (and massively so) is that you have to satisfy a real demand out there. If you don't, others will: A lot of PCs given to children will be taken away from them and sold - that's inevitable. Some middleman (not the dad or the mom of the kid, and neither the tough guy in the village) will make a nice profit out of it, which hurts. The greater the unsatisfied demand will be in countries having the cash to pay for it, the greater will be the proportion of machines intended for kids ending up somewhere else. If you give interested people in the first world the possibility to buy a machine "legally", you avoid the creation of a grey or black market (or you keep it at least smaller than it would be otherwise).

I'm Chinese. I very like OLPC. I need OLPC! Who can help me?


If you are chinese then you should be able to speak to the OLPC maker directly:

Quanta Computer Inc. QRDC (Taiwan/Linkou)
Add:No.211, Wen Hwa 2nd Rd., Kuei Shan Hsiang, Tao Yuan Shien, Taiwan,R.O.C.

"the real market is in Detroit and Philadelphia, not in Sao Paolo. Sell them to American school systems and then use all your profits to give them away in the third world."

Hmmm... I gotta agree with that. I'm really impressed with what Negroponte and crew have accomplished so far, but it really does seem like they've also made some errors in judgment concerning their distribution / business model. I hope that this works, but I have a bad feeling that it won't have the impact that Negroponte intended.

I've love to be able to get involved from the UK - in fact I think the original Give one get one petition was from the UK (though I digress).

I'd like to do it to seed XO laptops in Senegal and Cameroon (I have a Cameroonian friend who is really interested in this kind of thing) and also to support a British charity: Dignityonline which works in mbila, Zambia.

But looking at the deal, it looks like you can donate from anywhere, but only get one if you live in the US. So for the rest of us it's: Give Two Get None ;-)

Even under that kind of deal, I'd happily do that, count me in Nick, I'll give 4 ($800 = £400, which by any accounting is brilliant value for money!)

-cheers from Snial @P
PS One question - do we get to say where they go? Can we seed XOs in Zambia / Eritrea / Senegal / Cameroon?

The addition of the XO laptops and Meraki Networks's Wifi Mesh and possibly Ruckus Wireless's gear would really make a good low cost solution not only to educate kids but to bring the Internet and broadband to the masses world wide. Many devices can connect this way. Commercial gear is always better but it's not like most of the people are downloading linux iso's or bitorrent files today.


this is wonderful news to be heard. I'm definitely buying one of these for myself and my daughter. such an amazing piece of machinery and for such a low price too!

Fantastic initiative!

I want to buy one for my nephew in Denmark, EU - whom should I contact about this? Can you get it whit DK keyboard or only US?

dear sir ,i am from pakistan,i need you laptop as a gift.you can give a laptop in usa to a child so i am just like a usa child,please sent on to ma as a gift on the belove address:
p/o hayaseri dir lower tahsil balambut NWFP pakistan.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful initiative!!!

Since month ago I jointed the initiative give one get one, when I posted my e-mail for starting donation adv.
I'll be sure one among many folks to be proud to donate a laptop to a child. Special thanks to Mr. Nicholas Negroponte which was visiting my hometown Reggio Emilia, Italy

Faithfully Tiziano Farina - Public Health Admin.

SOFTWARE/COMPATABILITY: I've seen nothing mentioned about Software other than the operating system...does it come with any other than the operating system? And with the Linux OS, what restrictions are there for other commonly used software packages, such as AOL, IM, Microsoft Office tools, etc.? my daughter would be crushed to find out she can't text and email friends if they don't have one too....is this the case?


The OS for the XO-1 is based off Red Hat Linux, its called Sugar. Sugar was design for children to have an easy time using the laptop. The OLPC project is based off that all the software should be open source and free, meaning that no other OS then Linux will be on the system. The XO-1 can do almost anything any other computer can do (I say almost because it isn't powerful enough to do video editing but that really isn't important). The XO-1 comes pre-install with many software applications. Your daughter can use her e-mail if it's web based because the XO-1 has a web browser it also has a webcam and a chat program. As for different types of IMing, I do know that the XO-1 does have a chat program but I believe it works only in a peer to peer kind of network with other XO-1's, there are many free software titles for Linux, you could install something like pidgin on your daughters XO-1 so she can IM her friends. For a full list of all the software on the XO-1 you can go to the official OLPC wiki.

I hope this helps you out.

Thank you Nicholas, that helps. Does anyone know if it was intended that children would use a USB memory stick for storing documents, or new software, since there is no hard drive? Also, is there a port for a printer so the kids can print out stuff from the internet?


The XO-1 has 1 GB of flash storage on it. So storage isn't a problem. The XO-1 Has 3 USB ports, an audio port, and Mic port, and a slot for a SD Card in case you want to increase your storage. There is no Parallel port on it, but you could hook up a printer through a USB port, though I believe that Sugar does not have driver support for printers so you may have to install them yourself.
Hope this helps.

Regarding international shipping:
Just tried to order one; however there is only a billing address in the US accepted. Neither of my credit card nor paypal account have it. And I am living in Asia.

Does anybody know about a proper workaround?

THX a lot. Regards.

I am disappointed that the Give One Get One program does not allow to send laptops worldwide, especially because this limitation so far wasn't communicated on laptopgiving.org, where I had signed up and waited until today for the chance to explore a revolutionary kind of laptop while supporting needy children in the developing world.
I do understand that international shipping, warranty and tax deductibility are complex matters, but I think many enthusiasts outside the US would choose to participate even without those feats.
I surely would, and so I am kindly asking you to reconsider G1G1 shipment and ordering from Europe, Asia, etc. (I'm from Germany.) Eventually, these laptops will be resold on sites like Ebay, anyway. I'd rather pay $20 extra for international shipping than helping some US citizen make a healthy profit on these.

-- ingo

Perhaps some company could step up to the plate and work with OLPC to cover warranty issues in other countries?

UPS has a system for buying in the U.S. and shipping world-wide so one hurdle is reduced.

PS I have no connection at all with UPS and ordered one this a.m. - I am in Canada but can appreciate the frustrations of other people.

Two questions:
Can anyone give info about which version(?)
of XO the give-one-get-one offer is for?
B2? B3? B4? other?
I see that they are "XO-1" machines. I don't
know much about versions of OLPC computers
but I've seen info about B2, B3, and B4
versions. I placed an order and am interested
in using the "Measure" tool for various
purposes. From what I have seen, I think
I'm hoping it's 'at least B3 or B4'.
Am I correct that buy-1-get-1 doesn't come
with a hand/etc generator? Can I buy one
from OLPC or somewhere? (For example the
P****** pullcord generator, I'll leave it
that way to keep things non-commercial).



1. Everyone will get the production model - not the BTest models, and the production model will have the measure activity

2. G1G1 comes with an AC power adapter. No Potenco pull string generator, solar power, or cow power.

It is Nov 12, and I would like to order the Get-1-Give-1.

However, the 'donate' button on http://www.laptopgiving.org/
still brings me to where I can only donate without being able to select G1G1.

Who can help? Please fast answer to sonia14999v6@yahoo.com


I've seen that a security certificate for the european union is expected in about a week. will the G1G1 offer be expanded to europe once this is accomplished?

Will it be expanded in the near future? Is it possible to get power adapters that match european standards?

Thanks Wayan. Is there any way that a person like myself can get the pull string generator now? If not, will there be a way in the foreseeable future, and approx when, and how would one go about it?

Do theese xo computers get internet??

Super cool! Wish I wasn't broke - I'd get one!

WAYAN or anyone knowledgable! Is the "production model" older or newer (i.e. better?) than the BTest models? I would REALLY like to get one with a hand crank or pull string or foot pedal or solar panel – anything to get away from electricity! This will probably be answered too late for me to participate in the G1G1, but at least OLPC people will see what some of us consumers/would-be-donators are concerned about! Please someone answer or email cjanimate@gmx.de - thanks!

I bought into the laptop program on November 14, 2007. AT that time they promised it would arrive by the end of the year. As of today, it still has not arrived. Nor does the reference # they sent show up in FedEx's system. They have not responded to my request for the status. ugh!

I got one for my grand daughter and one for some other fortunate child. So far we love it. Would like to have the hand crank available to us also.

Why in the world are we required to buy two?? there are thousands of kids including myself in America that don't have laptop. This mission in my mind is a bunch of crap; before you get angry let me evaluate.
1. Why not make an affordable laptop for the children here, some of whom don't get a meal everyday. give them something to take their minds off the hunger. Or better yet... instead of donating money to developing nations why not donate money to local schools and children's centers. In the end, who is going to benefit more, a nation with starving children and limited technology, or a developing nation with new technology given to them for free, along with food.

2. Who has the right to care about third world countries over their own country? No one should have the right to charge 4 times as much from American citizens who want these laptops for their kids.

3. it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a laptop that is under $300 anywhere that isn't a piece of crap or ancient technology. My tech level is very high for my age, with building my own computers for many years, and that laptop has some very nice options.

The main point of this post isn't that third worlds countries are insignificant, but i believe our nations children should come first.

Student, get thee to craigslist.

Oh, and potentially wait for the Pixel Qi box. ;)

OLPC is an awesome effort. Seems biggest competitor is a cell phone. Phones go for 15$ in Nairobi. That's hard to beat.

Hello Sir,
I am from nepal and i am working for culture exchanging to my friends in europe so i want some some computers.Please provide for me.i am hoping to get your help soon. My mailing adress is

Prakash sharma
Kaski kot v.d.c. word number 1,
Kaski District
Yours faithfully

Dear president / owner
How is your day?Am interested in purchasing laptop 20" 4units, i will like you to Email me back with the types and various prices that you have in stock at this time for sale ., i will like to know the type of payment you do accept..
Thanks you and Am awaiting for your soonest response.
Best Regards
Christer Miller

Hi,it's a great job you are doing through this initiative.My name is kevin sagide from Nairobi kenya,please send us some laptops if possible for our chidrens home in Karen,its new and currently we are housing 26 orphans.My address is:
kevin sagide
p.o.box 33901
postal code:00600
email address:sageanalog@yahoo.com