About OLPC News

OLPC News is the premier independent community for One Laptop Per Child supporters. We are a recognized voice in the OLPC community, even by Nicholas Negroponte himself.

  • OLPC News commands 5,000 readers a day, each spending an average of 4 minutes on the site
  • OLPC News Forum has over 4,000 members and 30,000 posts on every OLPC-related topic imaginable.

Yet, dear reader, you should know that the editors behind OLPC News are not objective reporters of the latest news. We are most definitely biased. We believe:

  1. Across the developing world, education systems need to change dramatically to prepare their children for the modern world
  2. Children (and adults) learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process
  3. Involved teachers, relevant content, and appropriate technology can facilitate both educational change and learning motivation

The One Laptop Per Child project is a sprawling initiative with immense potential to improve education on a global scale -- if implemented properly. We at OLPC News do our best to celebrate what is going right, question what is going wrong, and suggest what could be done better. Cute pictures of children with shiny new laptops don't keep us from asking tough questions.

The OLPC News editorial team (editor at olpcnews com) is:

Wayan Vota - Founder & Publisher

olpc wayan

Wayan founded OLPC News in 2006 to track the One Laptop Per Child program from a technology implementer's perspective. Since then, he's started the complimentary OLPC Talks and OLPC News Forum, and was a co-founder of the OLPC Learning Club DC. He has commented on OLPC on 60 Minutes, the Economist, and numerous other mainstream media outlets. From his base in Washington, DC, Wayan also moderates the Educational Technology Debate.

Christoph Derndorfer - Editor

Christoph is a founding member of OLPC Austria and started contributing to OLPC News in early 2007. In 2009 he spent three months in Kathmandu to volunteer with OLE Nepal and in 2010 he traveled through Uruguay, Paraguay, and Peru to document the OLPC projects there. He has also held presentations about OLPC at various events and conferences in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Christoph is currently a computer science student at Vienna University of Technology.

Yama Ploskonka - Senior Contributor

Yama's first computer was a ZX-Sinclair clone and made his own LOGO interpreter, and after a colorful career of many pursuits he has become an active member of OLPC Sur, the list for OLPC discussion in Spanish, among other OLPC-related activities. Yama's overall goal is QE4A, quality education for all.

Jon Camfield - Senior Contributor

Jon works to bring sustainability to technology deployments, after serving in the Caribbean with Peace Corps on IT projects. He worries about the contrast between the well-designed OLPC laptop and the un-designed implementation plans, which focus solely on deployment and not on encouraging adoption at the local level, as well as the cultural impacts of the laptop.

Bryan Berry - Co-Editor Emeritus

Bryan was a founding member Open Learning Exchange Nepal, the Nepali NGO that is implementing Nepal's OLPC pilots. Prior to Nepal, he worked on technology deployment for government agencies. He lives in Kathmandu, Nepal where he works on learning software. As you can see taking a look around the Phentermine Online Pro site helps you learn about how phentermine works and how to buy phentermine online and if is legal

OLPC News has an ever-expanding cadre of contributors and commenters.