Give One Get One XO-1 is Selling Out Fast!!


Just as I predicted, One Laptop per Child's G1G1 donation/sale of XO laptops is selling out fast by the looks of the day's left countdown difference on the Give 1 Get 1 main page:

olpc xo g1g1 going

That's right, in less than 12 hours, OLPC has already sold three days worth of CO computers to geek enthusiasts all across the USA and Canada. While North Americans have Give Many experiences to tell, smart Europeans and Asians, and many other "cans" are taking G1G1 globally with OLPC News.

No matter where you are, you better Give One Get One while you can. And OLPC News recommends you skip the telemarketers and order directly from OLPC via the web.

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Anyone knows when they will ship the goods?

You might want to check that again. I just looked, and it says 15 days, even after I cleared my cache and reloaded.

Well Trevyn, I am not going crazy, I know I saw it at 12 days. In fact, here is my Google Desktop cache that shows OLPC displaying 12 days:

This would not be the first time a post on OLPC News effected change on

very cool. Perhaps there was enough demand to make a quick call to Quanta and increase the size of the first manufacturing run.

This morning when I ordered my XO on the website, I saw the graphic that announced "12 days left." I am positive of this because I thought to myself "but *today* is the 12th!"

It was 3AM, my time, I was a little fuzzy-headed, so I just stared at the graphic for a few more seconds and realized that they meant "12 days left to order."

Then I went back to confirm that the number of days was 12 for an acquaintance only to find that it had gone up to 15.

When I just checked now, it's still at 15 days left. One thing I noticed is that the graphic that reads "15 days left" can be found here:

But check out what

gets you. :) You can change the number in "12days_en.gif" to get all the different "days left" you could want. Seems like they might have made a simple coding mistake.

Anyway, I'd suggest people order sooner than later just to be safe.

Also, regarding shipping, I've heard that OLPC hopes to have them to us by Christmas, though I did email them directly to ask when my XO would be shipped out. I haven't heard back yet.

The Pete,

I think you're right, as the site did get a makeover just now. They've added a last line that says "Find out more about: Give One Get One | The XO Laptop" on the English, but not the French or Spanish sites.

I guess the website developer get a little ahead of themselves in all the G1G1 excitement.

What does one have to do to buy just four evaluation units prior to ordering 10,000. Vietnam wants to join Chile and Uruguay, etc as a country to provide E-Learning to the poor children..but our hands are tied by the red tape of the G1G1 program. Can someone help?? We can pay for the eval units, but not G1G1

william: contact OLPC directly. Negroponte's main duty is to travel the world showing the laptop for potential buyers..

I placed my order online this morning around 8 (EST). Everything went smoothly. It's unfortunant to hear the folks who called it in are left with some doubts as to shipping fees, items included, approx delivery times (other than "around Christmas"). Perhaps, since this is only a 2 week deal from a non-profit org, these are the little quarks that could be expected. Unlike a massive online store, it may have not seemed practical to prepare your call center for common customer questions.

Also, it didn't strike me at first, but the $24.95 does seem a little high for shipping. My only guess is that they are being shipped from the manufacturer? (from Taiwan?). I'm trying to stay positive and think that everyone that placed an order today, will be staring into the screen of an XO BEFORE Christmas. But it does seem spotty, and to be frankly honest my concern now is for actually RECEIVING the laptop in one piece, and hoping my order didn't fall through the cracks.

Found out a bit belatedly, as I got an email from laptopgiving on the 8th promising another email when the promotion begins. Needless to say, the second email has not materialized.

The T-mobile hotspot 1yr subscription was a pleasant surprise!

um, "just as i predicted" is a bit of a stretch, wouldn't you say? your prediction -- visible right there in the link -- was that they would sell out of the 25,000 units _in_30_seconds_...

so if i were you, i woulda made a post that said "um, i guess i was wrong about that", but _you_, you made a post saying "just as i predicted..." oh well... i mean, it wasn't a _serious_ goof, not at all.

in fact, i'm actually glad i wondered if you _might_ have a point, thus i ordered my unit on tuesday, rather than "waiting a week or so", which i might have done otherwise. so thanks. but pretending like you got this "right" is... well, it's just plain silly...

"It's unfortunate to hear the folks who called it in are left with some doubts as to shipping fees"

As a Canadian potential G1G1 donor, the point that bothers me most is potential exhorbitant duties/taxes that could be applied by Canada Customs. I can live with shipping & handling uncertainty, but I heard so many horror stories of Canadians buying goods in the US only to find out they had to pay *more* in duties/taxes than the actual cost of the goods they bought.

I wrote and phoned OLPC and had no response yet. Heck, I'm dying to donate an XO and get one for my 3 kids to try out, even though odds are very small there will be a network of XO's in my neighbourhood soon for what I consider one of the most beneficial advantages of the XO over "regular" laptops to materialize : access to an independent, user-owned network. Anyone has clues for me on Canadian Customs duties ?

I just blogged about an email I got back from OLPC support after I emailed them, on Monday, asking about when they'd be shipping my XO to me and they said:

Dear Pete,

We are currently producing laptops as they are requested. The first phase is expected to ship out just prior to the Holiday’s (mid December). The following ship times can range up to 4 months.

Thank you for your interest in One Laptop Per Child.

Donor Services

Note that first sentence: "We are currently producing laptops as they are requested."

Based on that it would seem like they're making each XO on-demand so there's no way they'll sell-out. The only catch with ordering in waiting until the last minute is that you might end up having to wait 4 months to get your XO :(

It's going to be hard enough to wait another month!

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