G1G1 2008 XO Laptop Sales Really Go Global in 44+ Countries


One Laptop Per Child has finally gone global with its Give 1 Get 1 promotion of XO laptop sales. Now you can order an XO in 45 countries where OLPC has cleared the local certification and labeling requirements, according to the OLPC blog.

To order your XO laptop in any of he countries below, just use the G1G1 Amazon.co.uk page to pre-order your XO and expect to pay ~50GBP in shipping.

OLPC says they will be adding countries as they can register the XO. Could we see 100+ by Christmas? I know I'd love to see Mexico join so I could ship to my extended family.

Regardless, I'm just glad they've stopped ignoring Canada.

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Drive where OLPC ships XO's to by pre-ordering for your favorite country. It seems OLPC can ship to any country that UPS ships to, but will prioritize getting clearance based on the number of pre-orders for that country.

And now OLPC Australia will have G1G1 starting Nov 30th. Do note that this Give1Get1 is NOT through Amazon, but OLPC Australia directly at: http://olpc-australia.org.au/participate/give1get1/

http://www.amazon.co.uk: This item is due to be released on December 16, 2008.


For Canadians, given the above information:

G1G1v1: cost about, $425 including shipping.

G1G1v2: cost about $610, including shipping.

Maybe that two months of uncertainty to be an early adopter was worth it. :)

£50 for shipping to Canada is HIGHWAY ROBBERY.

I'll import machines for Canadians if they are willing to pay the SWEEP Sask. fee ($8 I think?) for laptops, and $30 handling for my trouble, plus shipping. I can get them picked up in Montana in batches of 4 or more. They would be available for pick up in Regina, Moose Jaw, or south of Moose Jaw.

So when I have 4 orders, I'll work out payment with each person, and get things rolling.

You can leave a message below if interested, or better yet email me. My email is on my blog linked to this comment.