How to Purchase OLPC XO-1.75 Laptops


Resumen en español al final del artículo

Earlier this month SJ Klein (OLPC Foundation's Director of Outreach) posted an article called "How to buy XOs in quantity" over on OLPC's blog. In it and the corresponding wiki page he answers what is probably one of the most often asked questions - with the notable exception of "where is the hand crank?" - when it comes to OLPC:

How can I purchase XO laptops?

To get one of the most important points right out of the way let's look at the current pricing estimates for the XO-1.75s. As you can see below it's tiered depending on the order quantity:

  • 100+ XOs: $205
  • 1,000+ XOs: $195
  • 10,000+ XOs: $185

Please do make sure to read the accompanying notes on the wiki page which contain important information:

The minimum order quantity is 1000; laptops in quantities from 100 to 1000 are available upon special request.
Prices are FOB China, for the default laptop configuration (currently International English keyboards and the latest software build.) Prices exclude shipping, taxes, and local import duties; and may change without notice. For a precise quote, contact

What was also new to me is that OLPC now explicitely says that it's also selling XOs to for-profit entities, I had always thought that it only worked with governments and non-profit organizations:

OLPC sells XOs to many kinds of organizations: governmental and NGO, educational, non-profit and for-profit organizations.

It's great to see that OLPC is making this information publicly available. Over the years I had heard so many different price points and purchasing stories that it was hard, if not impossible, to figure out what the real deal was. OLPC being more pro-active in its communication about the purchase details is certainly a step into the right direction and hopefully this also leads to further projects over the coming months.

Resumen en español: Al inicio de este mes SJ Klein publicó un artículo llamado "Cómo comprar XO en cantidad" (en Inglés) en el blog de OLPC. Allí y en la correspondiente página wiki (en Inglés) responde lo que es probablemente una de las preguntas más frecuentes sobre OLPC: ¿Cómo puedo comprar XO? La información muestra que los precios son escalonados dependiendo de la cantidad de la orden: 100+ XOs: $205, 1,000+ XOs: $195, 10,000+ XOs: $185. Aparte de los precios, la página wiki también contiene información sobre otros aspectos importantes. Por ejemplo: Los precios son FOB (franco a bordo) desde China, con configuracion basica (teclado en Ingles Internacional y la ultima version de XO). Los precios excluyen gastos de envio, impuestos y gastos de importacion. Los mismos estan sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso. Pero quizás lo más importante es que para obtener un presupuesto exacto se debe contactar

Traducción al español hecho por Cristina Abell.


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What about buying one XO 1.75 laptop?

It's unfortunately not possible to buy XOs in single quantities.

It unfortunately sux:(.

How about collecting purchase-requests (and maybe money in advance) until one batch of 1000 laptops is reached. These are then distributed to the users.

Well, that's always a possibility but someone would have to organize it...

Very interesting indeed, the idea of buying a batch for several individuals.

And when you say 'that is always a possibility': are you sure?

For, not so sure OLPC would let an individual buy a batch in order to re-sell the XOs.

And not sure at all that OLPC would let that be done through eBay, which is the only affordable way.

What do you say?

OLPC Germany did just that recently. They collected a total of 115 or so orders and the corresponding money and then bought the machines from OLPC Association.

Greetings Christoph, I recently came across your contact details when I was trying to help a young student gain information on OLPC. I've been lucky enough in my career to achieve some of my goals and so I really enjoy the chance to help out a young person who has passion and good values achieve things in their life. This individual has a true concern for the world and feeling for the motivation behind the OLPC programme. He also has true, simple values in life and would also like to be connected through owning one of the latest OLPC computers. As such, I'm contacting you to see if you could help get Lukas's name added to the list of people who are able to purchase an OLPC through the German batch order. Please let me know your thoughts and feedback, Best wishes, James (Canadian Engineer working in Pfronten-Ried, in Allgäu Germany!)

Hi James, thanks a lot for your message.

As previously mentioned I don't know all the details of OLPC Germany's purchase so I would suggest you contact Sebastian Umlauft ( who organized and led the entire operation.

But you mention 115, not 1000. Does that mean OLPC approved of the idea (for, orders less than 1000 have to be approved)?
And, was the batch bought by an individual? or by a moral entity (being non- or for-profit)?
And how were the orders collected? Did that need a web platform, such as a specific website? or was it too via eBay?
And then, in fine, were the separate XOs for sell to individuals really via eBay?

I don't know all these details so I would suggest you contact Sebastian Umlauft ( from OLPC Germany who organized and led the whole process.

I will.
Thank you many.
I am very near buying a batch, seeing so many can't buy at all.

Dear Christoph,
I did contact Sebastian Umlauft. However, the Email address was said to be non-reachable.
So, I am back to step one. Please, advise. Thanks.

Thanks for the update, I'll see whether I can figure out a way to get in touch with Sebastian.

Thank you very much, Christoph. I discovered I missed a 't' at the end of his name in the Email address: my fault.

Okay, just glad I could help.

Dear Christoph,
Sebastian Umlauft immediately answered when you wrote him about me on Jul 19th. He said he was on holiday and asked to wait for 2 weeks. So, I sent a message on Aug 26th, but no reply.
It seems the messages I send end up in his junk mail, what do you think?

Give it another shot and let me know if he doesn't get back to you by the end of the week.

By the way, e-mailing me directly is a more reliable way to get in touch with me (rather than posting a comment:-).

Unless Emails do not get through. In such case, I'd rather post here.
Anyway, thank you for your help! I've just sent Sebastian a new message.

FWIW: The e-mail notifications I receive from these comments and direct e-mails all go into the same Gmail account so it really doesn't make that much of a difference. ;-)

Okay. Now Sebastian has answered me. Problem is the operation was for German citizens only.
So, I am back to square one, unless Sebastian messages me back with further news.


I am looking for OLPC laptop for my child, i am aindian citizen, as i cannot afford to buy many batch of laptops, i am writing here. can anyone help me how to buy a olpc laptop for my child in india.