Are You a Cool "First Day" G1G1 Donor Too?

Are you this OLPC G1G1 cool? Did you just get a "first day" donor email from One Laptop per Child that says:
Thanks to your early action, your XO laptop is scheduled to be delivered between December 14 and December 24. Our "first day" donors are our highest priority and we are making every effort to deliver your XO laptop(s) as soon as possible. We will send you an update upon shipment.
If you did, give a shout out in the comments below with your order date. Let's see who is going to be the first kids on their block to get an OLPC XO laptop.

CANADA UPDATE: If you are a Canadian G1G1 participant but didn't get a FDD email, a commenter suggests you try calling OLPC G1G1 toll free at 1-877-705-2786 to confirm that your online PayPal payment has been received. A quick call to OLPC's donation line can get you a confirmation number and assurance of December 14-24 delivery.

FRAPPER MAP UPDATE: Thanks to Joe we now have a OLPC Community Frapper map

USA XO SHIPPING UPDATE If you are a G1G1 particpant in the USA, here's your shipping schedule. Sorry Canada.

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I'm a "first day" donor to OLPC G1G1 (I ordered online 30 minutes after it's opening); but I received no email as of yet.

Maybe it's because I'm Canadian?

I ordered the OLPC just 10 minutes after they opened up the website, and no e-mail notification yet. It'd be awesome to get the OLPC before Christmas though!

Yep. I ordered mine over the phone at about 6:03 am Eastern Time on 11/12/2007. Got the e-mail about an hour or so ago. Can't wait to hold it in my hands!

I ordered within the first minute or so, and I got an email! I am leaving town on the 14th clear until January 2nd, however, so I am really thinking I made a poor choice on my shipping address. Any advice? Think I could get it changed at this point in time?

I am a "first day" donor and received that mail tonight. Can't wait. Like a young child before christmas.


Its not too late to change your shipping address. Others have changed theirs already. Just all the G1G1 phone number: 1-877-70-LAPTOP

I stayed up until 3 in the morning so that I could order the second the offer started (west-coast discrimination ftl). I was reloading the page constantly, but I don't have a paypal account, so i probably ended up taking a couple minutes enteing credit card info etc before the order was submitted.

I'm leaving town on the 16th for some network training in Silicon Valley of all things. It would be great to have the XO there since I'm sure we'll be discussing mesh networking I wonder if I could have them re-route it to my hotel if I don't get it on the 15th?

"first day" donor here. I was very excited to received the email tonight, yet I was hoping it would contain shipping info. I contacted customer service about the shipping and they emailed me on the 24th telling me to expect shipping information in "the next few days".
I can't wait to get it!

I just got the same "first day" donor email too (at 8:10pm eastern). I ordered two XOs online at 6am on the first day.

I'm a first day donor. I ordered one laptop for each of my daughters, ages 2 and 5, and the two donor XOs. Okay, maybe the younger kid will share her computer with mama. I got the email and I'm so happy to have a date range to expect the computers. I can stop hopefully eying the UPS truck as it rolls down my street until after the 14th.

I got my FDD email today as well. What a relief! I was afraid I'd get negative feedback for shipping late! (kidding)

I got the confirmation email today, but I can't honestly remember if I placed the order on the first day or not. It was pretty early in the program, though.

The XO is a planned xmas present for my daughter, so it's good to hear that they are more or less on track with shipping.

I ordered on December 16, but I still got the "first day" email. Perhaps its because I ordered by phone...

first day donor here, no email yet. (Also from Canada)
ordered mine around noon on the 12th

ordered at about 3 minutes after the opening bell. got the email this evening.

one laptop for this child.


Interesting that you got a FDD too. I ordered on on the first day and one a few days later and I got two "First Day Donor" emails.

Yet if you read the FDD copy, it sounds like they meant to send this out on November 12th, not today.

I wonder if everyone who has bought so far will get a FDD email too?

Thanks, Wayan - that's GREAT to hear. You've made my Christmas, seriously.


G2G2 ... I await:)

I ordered mine at about 5 minutes before the official start, and got my paypal confirmation at 5:58am. Just got my email at 20:10 EST welcoming me. I kind of chuckled over the line(s) about how exciting it will be for my "child". The big question I have is what "other" power source will be sent along with the AC. I definitely want the potenco generator and also the solar panel, and will order them no matter what they send me(if I can).

first day doner, yet somehow not that impatient. wondering if there is something wrong with me.

First-day here. Can't wait.

I'm a first dayer as well--like Parker stayed up until 3am to do it! Although, when I checked the site at 2:58am PT they were already taking orders so that's when I placed mine. I'm going to be going nuts on December 13!!

Obviously, I won't be alone in my nutsedness!

I ordered mine at 2:57 AM on Nov. 12th Pacific Time but I've yet to receive any confirmation. I ordered online (strike one?) and I'm Canadian (strike two?). Are there any Canadians who ordered online and received the FDD e-mail?

I, too, have received the mail.

I'm surprised to see that an XO is already for sale on ebay. Somebody have an inside line on XOs? Or are XOs donated to children now getting sold to pay for more necessary things (food, housing, etc)?

Got my mail.

Looks like ebay already has one for sale.

Got email at 7:30 pm donated at noon 12 Nov. Looking forward to hooking my NDgKids to the world

We need a Frappr Map.

Ordered first day. No FDD email. Canadian. I suspect that PayPal was playing games too (never, ever, ever again).

Got my First Day letter. I'm so excited!

Ordered online at about 9 or 10 in the morning, Eastern time.

Went and checked this site, then checked my e-mail, and sure enough, there was my FDD e-mail.

One ordered for each of my kids (5 and 8).

I G2G2 on Nov 12th at 4:59am CST via Phone, had a repeating confirmation number and wasn't quoted shipping. After several calls, that seemed to get resolved.

I got a confirmation email and the "first day" email, however my credit card has not been charged. Why is it so hard for them to take my money? It's been over two weeks!


Muh Ha Ha Ha!

I am a cool "First Day" G1G1 donor as well!

by the way, could you please add a this, and other related posts, to a "countries:canada" category?
10 hours since my last post - still no FDD email.

I was my telesales persons first order, having called at exactly 3am here in CA. so i should be one of the first.

Set my alarm and woke up 3am PST on the first day. Ordered it at 3:02am over the phone. I was so tired I didn't take note of or write down the confirmation number. I assumed it would just "all work out." After much anticipation, I finally got the confirmation email on Monday November 27.

Tonight i received another email saying that i could be a participant in some online community group for the XO, with a future email about this as well as information on tmobile.

Yeah! I got that email. I found out about it here first though. Sweet
I ordered at 6:01 AM eastern time just before the second reminder e-mail showed up . ;-P

Hell yes, I'm a first MINUTE G1G1 donor.

Subject: Receipt for Your Payment to OLPC Foundation
Date: November 12, 2007 3:04 AM PST

Yes, I was awake at 3:00 am (Pacific) time

Ordered at noon Pacific on the 12th. I got my letter, and I can't wait to get my XO! Originally, I was thinking of spending the money on the EeePC, but I've always been a big fan of charity. I'm eager to start coding on it, too.

FDD here. This 71 year old kid is hoping it will be under his tree by the holidays. My Grand Kids will get the little puter eventually.

Canadian, ordered within 3 minutes of open via PayPal and, yes you guessed it, no email. :-(

Ordered mine about a minute after the form was available and got the email yesterday. I can't wait to start playing with it. I think my daughter is going to love the music applications.

I got the confirmation e-mail too.

This is very, very exciting...


Got two first-day-donor emails today, one to the address I gave for the phone order (credit card, 7 am Eastern Time), and one to my Paypal address (online order, maybe 6 pm).

I ordered at 11a.m. day 1 - charged to my Canadian credit card but shipping to a U.S. address - got all the confirmations and first-day donor emails just fine.

I ordered on the first day, about two hours after G1G1 started via the website and received my "first day" email as well. I'm all giddy now...

sorry - forgot to say that the charge was posted to my Canadian credit card November 14th.

I also got the "first day" email this morning, but I'm still puzzled about the "PIN" that TMobile says I should get with my "confirmation letter". Has anyone gotten such a "PIN" yet? If so, how so?


I ordered on line the first day. The order was completed at 6:o6 am. I have received no such email. Now I am worried my kids are getting a piece of paper under the tree.

I ordered in the G1G1 on the first day. Cant wait to tinker with it and then pass it on to my son.

I ordered by email a few minutes after the official opening and got the shipping email yesterday. MS Outlook routed my messages from OLPC to the "junk" folder from where I had to retrieve them. I guess that, if I were a little more paranoid, I might read something into this.

Canadian - ordered :6:01 a.m. - used PayPal account - however no email re "your OX is scheduled to be delivered".

The initial reacknowledgment note had this to say:

"As a "Give One Get One" donor, you will receive one of the first XO laptops to be distributed in North America. Laptops will be delivered on a first come, first served basis. ..."

Looks like it may be a case of OLPC's good intentions versus PayPal's redefining North America or maybe even redefining when payment occurred despite the payment receipt notice.

Oh well the one of the best things about the Christmas season has always been the anticipation ... but then again you knew it would finally arrive on the 25th!

I ordered one for my 6 and 4 year old cousins for Christmas. Glad I made the extra effort to order early on the first day as it looks like I'll be getting our laptop before Christmas. Woohoo!!!

I got the email. Ordered (USA, Paypal) Monday morning.

Another First Day Donor in Canada -- no email. Clearly, it would seem that those of us up North aren't getting the emails. Maybe they're avoiding the hassle of Canadian Customs for the holidays.

Bummer. I was so looking forward to playing with it over Xmas.

Yeah, I got mine (email) too! Ordered at 7:30 am the first day. I'm so excited about this!

I ordered mine about 11/12 8:30am CST

Got email 11/28 7:10 CST

I got my first day email last night! Can't wait.

PayPal receipt is dated Mon 11/12/07 3:06 PM Colorado time (10:06 PM GMT)

E-mail came Wed 11/28/07 6:10 PM Colorado time (Thu 11/29/07 1:10 AM GMT)

My son is 'too cool' to use it right now, so it's Dad's toy for now!

I received my paypal confirmation on First Day:
date Nov 12, 2007 10:07 AM
subject Receipt for your Payment to OLPC Foundation

Also received email from OLPC yesterday. Looking forward to exploring new opportunities with this machine.


Yup, I received the email as well. I'm really glad OLPC sent us this update. I now feel relieved that my order is making it through and that soon both myself and the kid that received the other XO will both be enjoying it.

I placed 2 G1G1 orders on day 1 and received one of the "First Day" emails last night.

My PayPal confirmation email for OLPC was timestamped "November 12, 2007 11:16 AM" (EST) and I received the "thank you" email from OLPC on Nov 15th.

I'm delighted to hear that my kids will get their XO's in time for Christmas. Hopefully the two donated ones will also arrive to their recipients in time for the holiday. Woohoo!

I ordered mine on the first day, around 10am MST. Got my "First Day" email yesterday.

I ordered my XO on the first day (I have the paypal receipt) and I haven't received any notice about getting one in time for the holiday.

I'm not from Canada although I'm beginning to feel like I am.

I ordered my XO on the first day (I have the paypal receipt) and I haven't received any notice about getting one in time for the holiday.

I'm not from Canada although I'm beginning to feel like I am.

I'm in the same boat as Barbara: ordered one the 1st day (1st hour). No email. Just double-checked my paypal receipt - it's there.

I really would like this to arrive by X-mas, and not receiving an email, I'm still not sure it will....

Got my FDD email, but I think it took some work to connect the dots with I ordered at 2:58 AM PST Nov 12, got a PayPal receipt, but then no conf email...waited, then called Nov 19, found out that order not visible in system (not processed yet). Left details (including new shipping address). Also emailed support@laptop... with details of order to make sure that the new shipping address got together with the order. Called Nov 21 - operator gave me entirely new PayPal receipt number. My first email conf came from support@laptop Nov 24. I think that if you haven't got an email by now you should call!

It great to see the enthusiasm of people writing in. I am glad to be able to participate in such a great cause. Yes, I want to get my hand on an X0 computer, but at the same time, I am inspired by OLPC's mission.

Through OLPC leadership and vision, the most needy will finally have access to information on the Internet to improve and even save their lives. Did you know that tens of millions of people die yearly due to poverty? It is the #1 killer, not cancer, heart disease or war. Lack of access to information is one aspect of poverty. I hope OLPC will make a difference, and I for one, am delighted to be part of this great movement.

The G1G1 program is great marketing and

Ordered at 9 a.m., and got out email confirmation today! woo hoo; two kids will be quite happy!!

Ordered 6:10 a.m. and received confirmation 8:10 p.m. last night. The twins will be happy.

I ordered in the first minute (actually a minute early) I'm really hoping this gets here early so that I can play with it a bit before I need to wrap it up for Christmas.

Timestamp from email:
date Nov 12, 2007 4:59 AM
subject Receipt for your Payment to OLPC Foundation

I hope that this does not mean that only first day orders will be receiving them before Christmas. I ordered two, for two of my children- one on 11/16 and one on 11/25. They are both very excited about the laptop and are hoping to receive them for Christmas.

It seems strange that it would take them so long to produce a hundred thousand laptops. Especially considering just a few months ago they were talking about million order minimums and factories where you pour chemicals in one end and laptops spew out the other.

I ordered mine at 6AM EST on the dot on Nov 12th. It is usually a lot harder for me to get out of bed...but getting an XO helped out a lot. I tried it recently in NYC at the wired store. It is really cool. However, I was disappointed with the youtube playback...very choppy. I hope this will be fixed...can't wait to get it!


Try calling OLPC G1G1 toll free at 1-877-705-2786 to confirm that your online PayPal payment has been received.

I posted earlier about donating on the first day and I still have not received the FDD email. However, a quick call to OLPC's donation number revealed that I have a donation confirmation number and the OLPC representative assured me over the phone that I was indeed scheduled to receive my - I mean my nephew's - laptop between December 14-24 (hopefully 2007).

If you ordered on Nov. 12th, it's probably a safe bet that you will receive your (child's) XO-1 by Christmas. Maybe we Canadians shouldn't all have to call in to confirm our orders as it may overwhelm those taking calls, but I just wanted to be sure that OLPC had a record of my donation.

Ordered at 6:00:02, just got my email...

@Frank Piddle

Did you get a separate e-mail with your confirmation order? I got mine the day before I got my first day e-mail. It specifically mentions that you will get an e-mail with your T-mobile code around the time your XO ships. I just spoke to someone at the customer service toll free number and apparently a lot of people haven't gotten that e-mail or are so excited that they forget to read the paragraph in the confirmation e-mail that states and are freaking out and calling them about this. She made sure I was aware of it before she ended the call.

November 12, 6:44 am EST according to the PayPal receipt.

Got the same email about the delivery date and I'm very excited!

Ordered on Nov 15 and will be paying my visa bill on Friday with the charge on it. I didn't get an email for FDD but am extremely happy for all that did. Please keep posting!

"Me Too" (TM)

I'm a "first day" G1G1 donor and I did receive the email.

I started the order at 5:59 AM eastern time but didn't complete it until about 6:10 since I stopped to read the FAQ and the disclaimer. Foolish me!

I'm cool. I'm excited.

I don't know if the author got this email too. But I forward it to him right after I got it.

I can't wait. :D


I got your email. Its one of the reasons I wrote the post. You showed the same joy and enthusiasm as I did, and I figured there were more happy people like us. 78 and counting actually!

I ordered in the first 15 min by phone: got bogus order number, no shipping charge, NO email.

Thanks to this site I placed a second order by web on Wed: got real order number, shipping, emails, and FDD (?!).

I guess I'll believe it when I see it.

i was worried because i ordered first day and didn't get the mail. but then i saw i got a mail. just never bothered reading it.

yeah, i hope i get it in time for snowboarding vacation in vail!

I was up at 6 am to order for my grandaughter - then I spent 5 hours filling in an order and not sending it - filling in another order and not sending it - trying to justify spending that much on a new and wonderful toy for myself! I finally gave up the battle and rationalized by telling myself that I was getting it so I could help my grandaughter when she has problems!

Hi all, ordered mine in the first half hour and received the email yesterday. Alan Bender mentioned the need for a frappr map so here it is. Never set one up before, so please be kind.

Got the email... yippie! Time to experiment more with python once I get my hands on it.

The OLPC is for me. I'm into my second childhood. I retired in 1990 after working over 30 years as a programmer.

I ordered mine on Nov 12 approx noon PST. Have yet to get an email. Though I printed out the receipt.

Ordered 35 within first 10 minutes - 30 for our Global Literacy Foundation Inc. which is non-profit, and 5 for my grand daughter and great grand kids.

Besides Global Literacy Foundation (the existing web site
is 2 years out of date and is in the process of being redone), we will also support 2 other organizations with the XOs:

On the GAZel site see - GAZeL 2008 Summit for eLearning and Collaboration In The Global Economy - February 20, 2008 - Mesa Arizona Convention Center.
We will have at least 15 of the XO's connected via a mesh network with a single satellite connection to one of the XOs allowing all XOs within the mesh to access the Internet.
We will also have at least 6 of the Asus EEE 701 PCs available to allow attendees to look at both the XOs and EEEs side by side.

Ordered the first day and received my email two days ago. I am thrilled about the idea of getting it before christmas. The laptop is for my son and he is very excited.

First Day order, as well, (30 minutes after the start) and got the email yesterday! Can't wait to try the connectivity options.

Ordered 10AM PST on 11/12.

Got the NN thank-you email on 11/15.

Haven't heard anything since. NO FDD email here (also checked the spam folders). Feeling very left out.

Wish I could feel Canadian, then at least my dollars would be worth something. :}

-JD in Seattle

Ordered 10AM PST on 11/12.

Got the NN thank-you email on 11/15.

Haven't heard anything since. NO FDD email here (also checked the spam folders). Feeling very left out.

Wish I could feel Canadian, then at least my dollars would be worth something. :}

-JD in Seattle

I ordered mine about 5 minutes before the "starting" time of 6 am. Had to fill out the credit card info, got my confirmation at 5:57.

Subject: Receipt for your Payment to OLPC Foundation
Date: November 12, 2007 5:57:31 AM EST

I can't wait to get my hands on it. I just wish I knew exactly where the one I donated is going.


"Your donated XO laptop will soon be delivered into the hands of a child in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, Mongolia or Rwanda."

I warned my UPS man that I'd be stalking him on the 14th-24th, although I assume/hope that tracking info will be sent when it actually ships.

I hope we get lots of videos on Youtube of people unboxing their XO's when they arrive.

I ordered my 2 laptops on the 12th and have only gotten the initial thank you email so far. Still waiting for the 2nd email detailing they're time of arrival... and learning python for when they actually get here... ^_^

Ordered at about 5:55 AM EST, got the confirmation email at 5:57 AM EST. Got the first day email a couple days ago.

LOL so only the US are getting the emails ? same here Canadian first hour , hope their logistic is better for the worldwide kids , one thing i'd love is to know where / to whom my donation is going , could make more lasting help like school supply etc when i buy my daugther's school stuff , like a long period e-godfathering kind of relation , and have my daugther keep in touch with her olpc sister/brother once she talks (she's 2 year old but exposed to 4 languages : english / french / spanish and mandarin so a little longer then usual kids to start talking, but the olpc is going to be for her) would it be possible to track by serial # for such a purpose ? anyway just my 2 cent about getting this to go beyond the laptop .... anybody would jump in besides me ?

Canadian first hour purchaser 6:12am EST. No email yet as of today but my credit card was immediately charged so I'm not worried. Yeesh I hope Canada customs doesn't charge an arm and a leg for clearance...they like to charge for anything above $20 coming across the border.


It doesn't look good for Canadians. Hers' the OLPC shipping dates for G1G1 orders to the USA:

Canadian dates are to follow - never a good sign.

I am a first day donor. I can't wait to get the laptop and start thinking of more lesson ideas. I'm hoping to contribute further to the OLPC educators site.

first day donor, and super excited about it!!

Hi...another FDD here. I got the letter several days ago, but I just found this discussion. I can hardly wait to take my XO to Starbucks or Borders and casually sit there using the wi-fi as others do double takes! I wish they would give us some kind of brochure or flyer to print out so we could spread the word about OLPC.

I too am a firster, my question is:
Will be allowed to "rebrand/rename" the routing of the wifi connection, so as MAKE people look for the XO's who are the wifi Extenders in their vacinity?

i ordered mine at 6:02 am eastern, over the phone and got an email a while ago. I even bought an awesome little bad at a rock show that's gonna fit it perfect, can't wait...

I ordered about midday on the first day. I received the email on Nov. 28th stating that I would receive mine between the 14th and 24th.
No word yet ... but hey it's only the 12th!

i'm a firstie! i'm in california and just about crawling out of my skin waiting for my xo. so, he first guy didn't get an email, huh? does that mean mine could be here tomorrow?!! anyone from the west coast get theirs yet???

Our laptop just arrived and are we excited !! We ordered within the first 30 minutes on the first day. We live in Philly ...

Nina, did you order via phone? How was it shipped?

Hoping to get mine in Northern Virginia by tomorrow to take an business trip next week. I ordered mine within the first 10 minutes over the phone.

Con, I ordered by phone and for awhile I wasn't certain if anything went through. I received no email nor was my credit card charged for many weeks. Arrived via FedEx. The return address is Brightstar in Libertyville, IL

Nina, were you charged shipping on your credit card

Dang! My order was Done by 6:07am; didn't get one of the reassuring e-mails; finally e-mailed, got a generic 'thank you'. Called Paypal Friday, yup, payment went through, so now I'm up, reading about all these lucky folks. Yeah, should feel guilty; it was a Donation, after all, but still...I want *mine* more than ever hoping for Santa. No pixels are stirring, except from my mouse, waiting for FedEx to get to the house!
--DC metro/NoVa.

My XO arrived 5 minutes ago!!! I am so excited. It is as cute as a button!! Can't wait to spend this wintry weekend exploring it.

Annapolis, MD

I ordered an XO on 11/15 and it arrived via FedEx about an hour ago.

Apex, NC

Pam, did yours come UPS or FedEx? When did you order yours? Did you get an email notification that it shipped?

I can't wait for mine! I'm in San Francisco, ordered mine 5:57AM EST on Nov. 12. Called FedEx, they don't have me in their system yet. I guess I should sit tight, right? EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

i ordered mine the first 90mins. just phoned FEDEX, no sign of it. All is quiet, but I have my wife on alert for the doorbell!!
-- Westchester, NY

I'm right there with you Raminderpal. I'm a first day first hour donor from Finger Lakes area of upstate, NY. I got nodda from Fedex so far. Ordered 2. Hopeful still that they may come before Christmas.

Hornell, NY

First-day donor, rushing home everyday to see if it came...

Ooops - forgot to include my location: Minneapolis, MN

I was a FDD-
Got the email-
got the XO today- IT IS SWEET-
played w/ it and then delivered it to a very happy and surprised friend- Patrick!
Came home and have ordered on for me so Patrick and I can play together online!!

First day donor in Ann Arbor, MI. My XO showed up today. Love it already.

Mine came today (Brea, CA). Brightstar left the suite number off the address, and since I sublease my office from a larger firm I am not on the building directory. I got lucky that the receptionist for the larger firm ran across the Fedex guy while he was wondering around looking for me.

First Day Donor here, Los Angeles, CA. Got mine today! There is so much computing goodness contained in this fun little unit. The T-Mobile account email arrived as well; logging in was a bit problematic as the T-Mobile hotspot login page was not rendered correctly in the XO's browser. I called T-Mobile support and they gave me an alternate login URL:

You won't be able to go to that URL unless you're at a hotspot, btw. Once I did, I was able to surf and read on the amazingly clear screen (turn the brightness all the way down to get into hi-res b&w mode). If you're in a room with a bright light, this is a nice way to read.

First day, first minute, donor in Greensboro, NC. Rec'd my XO 12/19 from Fedex. Great machine for it's size! My XO already inspired other donations from co-workers!
Rec'd shipping / T-Mobile email yesterday 12/20. T-Mobile website states you are NOT allowed to re-sell your account which I had planned to do via EBAY as I have no need for it...Anyone out there sold their's already? Just wondering if there were any implications or problems with T-Mobile if we do this anyway...

my XO arrived last evening, in fact i am typing on it right now! this is a pretty cool little machine, though using the keyboard takes some getting used to... and the mousepad was no exaggeration, it really, really is sensitive. but it's awsomeness factor makes up for it. i havent been able to use the wireless feature, because for some reason it isn't connecting to the wireless network at our office. i am, however, connected to a LAN line using an ethernet to usb converter!

it sunk in yesterday evening when i saw the G1G1 commercial again that we're doing the right thing. i hope this provides opportunities for the children they wouldnt have had otherwise.