OLPC Community Map


Thanks to Joe we now have a OLPC Community Frapper map for the XO Donors to One Laptop Per Child's Give One Get One Program:

If you ♥ OLPC be sure to add yourself today!

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I guess ultimately we'll find out who all is in the neighborhood with the mesh networking...

I keep trying to add myself, and it doesn't like me ... just hangs. But I'm in Philadelphia until next Spring at least ;)


Just me and Joe. Will the wifi reach from Jersey to NY?

Like John, I see only myself and Joe. I'm in NH for now.

I just joined the map too. Am psyched to get my XO, but wonder whether it will be more towards the 14th or the 24th. Really happy I jumped on it the first day...

I was wondering if anyone had any inside knowledge about what power source(s) will come in the OLPC box. I'm particularly interested in the solar charger and would be happy to buy it separately if it's not included. I was wondering if anyone knew whether the Solio charger would work with it, as i might get one of them since it can charge other things too. Any intel greatly apreciated.

I have Frappr set up so that I have to approve pins, photos and shoutouts in order to avoid spam on the map. As a result, there might be a slight delay in seeing your pin appear on the map.

Has some one ask himself what this map would look like, if G1G1 would not only be an north american project??? It makes me angry that almost all dots are set in north america. There are some smart guy at MIT. Hope they see this issue that a global project like G1G1 should also be supported globally. So please MIT dont make it that hard to order a XO outside of north america.

Re: power sources

Andy, There will be an AC adaptor. The Potenco hand-pull charger is not ready just yet, according to their web site. Solar? I don't know.


i agree, G1G1 should be global, and OLCP has finally allowed people with foreign credit cards to order, but they still need a USA address:

You would think FedEx or DHL would be quick about taking G1G1 global in a heartbeat. http://www.olpcnews.com/sales_talk/g1g1/giving_thanks_g1g1_global.html

Re the charger(s) included with the laptop: Where is the information that only an AC adapter comes with the G1G1 laptops? In the FAQ all three types of adapters are mentioned, but I've found nothing about what comes with the OLPC. I too would like an alternate charger, later if not included initially.

Come Monday we'll have a whole post dedicated to what comes with the XO-1, including the power supply options: http://www.olpcnews.com/hardware/power_supply/

I hope the olpc works better than this lovely map

Thanks Joe for taking action. Together we will connect the dots.

I am a first day donor. I plan to play with the one I receive for a couple of days, then auction it off on eBay. I will donate the proceeds to OLPC. I hope the auction winner will do the same, and we can pass the machine around while raising some money for OLPC.

Where are all my west side LA peeps yo?

Everyone is on the east side! :(

Joe: Thanks for doing this! Any idea how I can embed your map in this Ning educator group http://classroom20.ning.com/group/xo ? I'm the host.