Give One Get One XO Laptop Christmas Delivery Dates


Get ready for a Green America! Depending on your order submission timing, there's gonna be some serious envy this Christmas.

olpc Christmas delivery
Dreaming of a green Christmas

First Walter Bender says that First Day Donors are going to get lucky:

G1G1: Every "Day 1" Give One Get One participant (those that donated on November 12, the first day of our campaign) received email on Wednesday informing them to expect their "Get" laptops between December 14 and 24.
Then One Laptop Per Child just released shipping date projections for everyone else's XO laptops, subject to the whims of manufacturing and air freight:
If you made your donation by the date in the column on the left, you’re scheduled to receive your XO laptop(s) within the corresponding delivery window in the column on the right.
Donation DateScheduled Delivery Window
Nov 12, 2007Dec 14-24, 2007
Nov 13-15, 2007Dec 17-31, 2007
Nov 16-26, 2007Dec 26, 2007 - Jan 15, 2008
Nov 27-Dec 31, 2007Early 2008

Please note that these are conservative projections. We are doing all that we can to ship as many XO laptops as possible by the December 24 holiday.
And while we in the Lower 48 rejoice over a bright green stocking stuffer, I feel our Canadian neighbours to the north may just suffer:
These shipment dates apply to U.S. delivery addresses only. We will post a delivery schedule for Canada as soon as those dates are determined.
Ouch. Well there are always eBay resellers if Canadians have a December 25th need.

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Nice that they posted that info as I am a 1st day donor that never got an email saying when I'd get mine :(


Arrrggggh, I knew that they didn't send me a First Day Donor Delivery notice because I'm Canadian. Drat.

But this does warm my heart...

"Your donated laptop will reach a child in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, Mongolia or Rwanda in early 2008."

One thing a friend pointed out: many people will not necessarily be at their shipping address near the latter parts of that shipping window (i.e., spending holidays elsewhere). Hopefully, we won't see tons of XO's returned-to-sender!

Ah darn. It figures that the strong Canadian economy would result in our shipments being delayed for more needy Americans. ;)

Hmmm ... I called the OLPC G1G1 toll free line at 1-877-705-2786 yesterday and asked about my delivery date (I ordered 6:00 am on the first day).

I was requested to provide my name and Canadian Postal Code. The service then rep went off line for a bit and when she returned she told me I would receive delivery between December 14th and the 24th.

Did any other "day one" Canadian call the OLPC help desk? If so - did you get any kind of meaningful response as far as a delivery date is concerned?

I was a first-day G1G1 donor. I've never received the Delivery Notice that others are seeing. (I run my own mail servers, so I know it's not caught in a spam filter somewhere...) So there's definitely a hole or two in the email delivery portion of their efforts...

I'm going to call the 877 number tomorrow and check in with them to see what the status is.

-david / Seattle (near Canada, but not in it. :)

Following up to my own comment, just above: running your own mail server doesn't mean you're running it _right_...

It turns out I did have the messages from OLPC. The problem was they were sorted into the "positively, definitely, without a shadow of a doubt" spam folder...which NO other legit mail (out of thousands of messages) made its way into.

So, if anyone from OLPC is reading this: something about your messages is making at least some spam filters go bonkers. I don't know what, but you're being considered about twice as spammy as some obvious ads for V****g***ra! Maybe some research is in order?

I would like to find out how to send to the children in the us who's familys can't afford a learning computer for there children. I know they have them in Schools but so many need them at home. I know it would make it easier to keep children in school if they had these means at home.

I would like to find out how to send to the children in the us who's familys can't afford a learning computer for there children. I know they have them in Schools but so many need them at home. I know it would make it easier to keep children in school if they had these means at home.

I would like to purchase a computer for a child in the United States.
I know of a number of children who do not have computers in their home. Many children in this country are of single parent homes or have grandparents raising them.
Please make these great computers available to these children. A number of children in this country are unable to complete high school. In the rural areas of the United States a large number of these children can only dream of attending college.
Think about them for a minute at this time of the year. Alana

I would like to purchase a laptop for a child in the United States.
Many of the children in this country do not have the opportunity to purchase a home laptop.

Strange overlapping dates. I guess First Day are "guaranteed" before Dec 24th, but Second Day won't be shipped before Dec 17th and not after Dec 31st.

So if you're the 17th (like me) you won't expect to get one before the Dec 26th and could be as late as the middle of January. Hummmm.

How do I get one? Is thier a web sight?

Dan: Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and for wanting to purchase an XO laptop. All you need to know is on the One Laptop Per Child Foundation's "Give One, Get One" web site, which is at You can donate there online or by phone.

Does anyone know how many Give 1 Get 1 units were actually sold so far?

It seems that if you were some of the first ones to put in your order on Nov 12 and received all the same numbers as a confirmation, They do not have or cannot find your order.

Better give them a call.


What a wonderful thing to do. I have multiple sclerosis and think MSSA of our tri-county area would appreciate these computers because of our physical disabilities and we tend to spill things and drop things, NMMS 1 Reed ST Suite 200 Phila.PA 19147 Could you send me information as I have 5 children 6 grandchildren and would love to help a child get a computer but am living on disability income and living month to month with youngest in college and am a widow for 5 yrs. I am really slow typing with my one good hand. Fondly, Margaret Schaum


As a Canadian who orderered at 6 AM on Nov. 12, I'm pissed we're being f***ed over by the OLPC on shipping dates. That means that even the Europeans and Aussies will probably get theirs shipped before us... Nice!

Waiting until Dec 26-early January is going to be painful, but hopefully well worth the wait.

I really hope that the project opens its doors a bit more in the near future and allows for direct purchase for everyone, not just through the G1G1 donation program. It would increase awareness of the project and hopefully drive down production costs as the orders increase. I may not have the money personally to order 10,000 laptops for a specific school, but it would be nice to be able to donate one or two directly for kids to be able to experience.

I totally digg the machine and the idea behind it. here's a question that i'd like the OLPC people to know if they ever read

I'd like to know where my particular donation is going. nothing specific but country and age group of donation receiving children. it'd reasure me that my donation is going to somebody who deserves it.

but yeah still enjoying the idea of getting one of these devices!

I was told by Customer Service that Canadian units were going to be shipped by UPS. I don't know if that's true - I also don't know if things are any better now, but it used to be that UPS US to Canada was a big pain! Everything went through a broker at customs which often added a lot to the fees - I was once sent software that cost ~60 and was charged $40 in taxes and brokerage fees - I refused delivery and the software was resent USPS with no hassle at all.

I found this at

Laptop News 2007-12-08

2. Schedule: The release of our Ship.2 Build (650) and firmware (Q2D07) occurred in time to be installed on the G1G1 laptops that will begin shipping on Monday.

I hope it means shipping from the US.

I've had similar trouble with UPS. The bill for $80 arrived a month after I'd already given away the software at a LUG event. I hope they use USPS as well.

I am a Canadian first day contributor(5:00 am) and while I applaud this project and its goals, like others here I resent the "Americans first" approach that is being taken to shipping. Why is OLPC doing thing in this manner?

I was prepared to wait for the chance to get my hands on one of these but I was not prepared for the inequity displayed by OPLC. It makes me question the sincerity of the values the organization espouses.

My XO just arrived via FEDEX Ground here in Reston, VA. Booted up just fine.

I got my OLPC XO laptop today. It is an interesting device. Certainly rugged. In some ways it is intuitive - in other ways (i.e. to my 52 year old brain) somewhat counter intuitive. But it is not designed for me. It is designed for children - children who may have never touched electronics before - their gateway to the modern, globalized, interconnected world. As such, this is a potentially powerful device. Once you get through a few things it is remarkably straightforward to use. I get the feeling someone in a third world community is going to submit the equivalent of their application to Starfleet Academy on this device.

I'll have my XO laptop with me in the green room tomorrow (wednesday) morning as I wait to go on CNN to talk about space exploration at 10:30 am EST

Keith Cowing, Editor

My XO managed to get out of the house today. I took it with me to CNN for an interview I did this morning at the DC studio. Everyone wanted to touch it. See for photos.

I bought on the first day and am still waiting for my laptop. Its January 16th. : (

I ordered G1G1 in November, and I am still waiting for it to arrive, and it is January 21st. It is MLK day so the mail may not be delivered today.

The online "tracking" tool for G1G1 orders does not work at all for me. It does not give any status whatsoever with my email address. The emails to service reps just get answered by standard reply "from jan 15 2008 or so"

I have no idea if my ordered G1G1 for the developing country has also shipped or not. I think OLPC needs to improve greatly on their order tracking and reporting tools! Otherwise people will stop donating.

I just rechecked my order was dated: Wednesday, November 14, 2007, 8:27:03 PM


yeah, I am in the same boat like most of you.. the laptop was supposed to be here by 1/15. It is 1/21 and no sign of the laptop and no response to my emails! the alleged shipping tracking tool is a joke! Not sure if we have been scammed, but it sure is starting to feel that way. When will non-profits learn to run their organizations like a business?! just because you are doing good, it does not mean you can treat "donors" like this. It is bad business!

Why is there no 800#, or any phone number to that matter.. hey, how about having a 900#?may be 1-900-no-laptop !

Kansas City

I am also like most of you. This is for my 5 year old and he asks me about the XO Laptop every day. I just finally contacted OLPC Donor Services by calling 1-800-201-7144 today and the representative told me that I should get the laptop by March. Let's see what happens.

I received an email on 1/21/08 stating that my laptop is in queue and that I will receive an email on 1/23 regarding specific shipping info. We'll see. I, too, would like to receive info regarding my donor laptop - where and when it will ship. I want to provide that info to my 3 sons (10, 7 and 6) so that they will understand the beauty of this program - the giving aspect.

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