OLPC News Meetup Reminder - Tonight in Washington DC!


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I also managed to pack a Freeplay Weza foot treadle generator into a rolling case for tonight. We can all convert some of the beer calories into to electrical wattage...



Any phone orders processed yet?
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Hi -- sorry to post an off-topic comment, but have any of you who ordered G1G1 by phone had the transaction post to your credit card yet? And, if so, were you charged shipping?

I'm also sorry I can't be there in DC. That would be fun. Chew on this thought for me while your'e there: maybe the introduction of so many other ultra-low-cost notebook computer entrants is _directly attributable_ to the OLPC project, and maybe it can be seen as both a validation of MIT's goals and as a means of achieving those goals.

Maybe tons of other cheap notebooks will be not a bad thing at all for the OLPC project, even if it means "competition." This ain't a zero-sum game.

I'll be there with bells and whistles on. I have an AMD PIC in tow, but no periphereals; and a standard laptop (that I paid ~$400 for) running kUbuntu (Feisty Fawn).

See you soon!

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