OLPC News Washington DC Meetup on Wednesday, Nov 13


Jonathan studying OLPC usage

If you are a geek in Washington DC, its time to change your Wednesday night plans because Jonathan Blocksom and I are organizing a:

OLPC News Washington DC Meetup
at RFD in Chinatown (map)
Wednesday, November 14, 2007 @ 6pm
That's right, we're replicating the San Francisco Meetup success on this coast, complete with BTest-1 and BTest-4 OLPC XO's to mesh network with.

If you have your own OLPC XO, Classmate PC, Asus Eee PC or other low-cost computing option, bring it out. We can have another laptop shoot-out.

But don't think One Laptop Per Child's clock-stopping hot technology will be upstaged. L' Ateiler North America has this great overview of the OLPC XO-1 to get you excited:

So if you are interested in One Laptop Per Child and low-cost computing for the developing world, be sure to get your geek on tomorrow night in the nation's capitol with OLPC News

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I've added this to DC Tech Events: dctechevents.com

she doesn't have much of a clue about the laptop it seems. "this is a button to pick up wifi signals.. uhh.. this is another to .. uh.."

Also I guess the "not so intuitive" she keeps saying is more akin to "not what I am used to". Kids seems to get the grasp very quickly it seems...

Drats! I would love to go but I am going to be out of town tomorrow (barring a last minute hiccup)!!!! I hope someone can post video of this event.


I would humbly submit that an OLPC News Meetup is a worthy hiccup-inducing event. Especially since RFD has DC"s largest selection of beers on tap.


I will miss this event, but will love to attend the next. Please put me on the email list. Also will love to talk with someone about partnerships with OLPC....shoot me an email at amitava@hakia.com


RFD is two blocks from my office, so not much of an excuse not to bring the two B4s I have and an ASUS Eee PC.

I've already committed to seeing the Police in Philly tomorrow night with some of my favorite peeps. f only I'd discovered of this event a few weeks ago.... Anyway, I hope to have one of these babies in my mitts soon enough!

OK, I have changed my plans for tomorrow night and I will be at the meetup tomorrow night, with a friend! We didn't really *have* to go see the new cut of Blade Runner at the Uptown tomorrow night (maybe we'll go to that Thursday).

Well in an interesting twist of fate,they just announced that Sting is sick with the flu and the concert tomorrow night is postponed, so I will probably be able to make it after all. Yay!