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Very nice summary, but... since when principle 5 has become "free to grow and adapt"?

The Core Principles page on the OLPC wiki still reads "Free and Open Source".

Take it up with the creators of the poster, Bernie: this isn't an official OLPC product. (But we like it!)

Also, I think Adam mentioned that some of the numbers are a couple of years out of date. Maybe he'll post here and clarify.

We need to ask for the source code of this poster, so we can fix it :-)

It is a nice poster that needs some editing. Strange selection of milestone moments in OLPC history; no mention of full-saturation in Uruguay, Sugar reaches 1mth child, etc.

Adam is right, the numbers are off as 2010 estimates and/or double-count (eg. #s for G1G1 and Rwanda). It would have been nice to see more countries instead of G1G1. This table has detail and is verified:

Hi, thanks for posting this infographic!

I'm the original artist of the graphic and i realize there are a few errors in this. I ran the data with people from OLPC and i made proper corrections.

However if anyone has any suggestions or errors please contact me at jefferyshin(at)gmail(dot)com, or @jefferyshin on Twitter.


Nice! Could you please upload somewhere the revised version in SVG format (or any other editable format)?

For sure, if you could give me your email address, I could send you an .ai and/or SVG file format of this graphic.

Nice summery, still prices to be workout

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