OLPC Learning Club Holiday Meetup - December 18

olpc learning club
Time to local mesh XO's

Are you stalking UPS drivers with geek-lust for your G1G1 laptop? Do you want to mesh network with other First Day Donors? Then be sure to join us for the first ever:

OLPC LC-DC Holiday Meetup
December 18, 7 PM
Mayorga Cafe & Lounge
3301 14th. St. NW
(map - images)
We will have three special guests with us from other OLPC organizing groups:
Bryan, Christoph, and Aaron will be giving us an overview of their progress in organizing local OLPC groups in their countries, and ideas on how to expand OLPC LC/DC.

Then we'll have an in-depth geek-fest and discussion around XO laptop usage right here in Washington DC. Be sure to bring your enthusiasm, your commitment, and of course, you shiny green G1G1 XO laptop!

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Is anyone interested in starting a Boston OLPC Learning Club? There is a Meetup in the metro Boston area http://modifyit.meetup.com/14/ , but it hasnt had any meetings yet.

Man, I still can't believe I'm gonna be outta town for this meet-up! The guests sound great. I can't wait to see the write-up and hopefully some videos from this event. A lot of people will who ordered on the first day might not have them in hand yet even then.

I went by Mayorga Cafe & Lounge tonight to take photos of where we are meeting. We'll be in the coffeehouse cafe downstairs, which will also server beers to those thirsty for drinks: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcmetroblogger/tags/mayorgalounge/

wow Wayan, you sound as if you already have your G1G1 laptop... do you already have shipping stats or something we dont know about?


If I had my XO, you would know because I would look way happier than this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcmetroblogger/312483046/

"Is anyone interested in starting a Boston OLPC Learning Club?"

I am.

"There is a Meetup in the metro Boston area http://modifyit.meetup.com/14/"

I signed up as a "Maybe" for their next event, but I'd prefer a site in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville, or perhaps a bit to the north.

Unfortunately that's the same night as my sons preschool holiday party, so I'll have to miss it. One less XO to mesh with. When's the January meeting?

I'm interested in a Boston/Cambridge meetup. :)

Maybe we could even meet up at MIT. :)

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