Give One Get One XO Laptops Shipping on Monday!

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If you were a OLPC First Day Donor, then tomorrow is your lucky day! Look at what Walter Bender says in the community news:

The release of our Ship.2 Build (650) and firmware (Q2D07) occurred in time to be installed on the G1G1 laptops that will begin shipping on Monday.
Woohoo! Give One Get One will soon be sending XO laptops to your door. Geeks everywhere will start stalking neighbourhood UPS delivery trucks. And its time to celebrate locally with OLPC LC/DC!

Thanks to Lee Tusman for the tip.

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Good news, though I still have no acknowledgment for my November 12 Canadian order.

Counts down....

Now is this UPS ground or next day air?

I guess I'm too excited even to care!

Does it matter if OLPC ships laptops via UPS air or ground, or even USPS, as long as XO's are on their way to kids (at heart) all across the USA?

Of course not! And we shouldn't be caring that the XO's are getting to kids and adults in America (which is a good thing) but we should focus on what OLPC is all about. Education. We bought a laptop for a lucky child who would not have the funds to buy their own laptop (or the governments too).
But yes, I'm excited for mine and want it to come ASAP.

This is great news about shipping -- assuming shipping doesn't take *that* long, I hope to have the XO for a trip next weekend ...

I wonder what the numbers are at now for the G1G1 program! Anyone know any updated numbers? Lots of the early information (before the date extension) talked about the availability as being "extremely limted" -- if I like the XO, I hope to be able to order another for me (and my mom plans to get one, too, but I thought it better to make sure she's OK with the keyboard etc. on the one I get first).


This may be old news, but at, information is available to help users get started.

I'd like to know if the XOs are being shipped UPS, next-day, or whatever just so I know what to expect. If I see a brown, UPS truck outside my window should I cartwheel to the door? Or should I wait for a FedEx truck?

Also, does anyone know if we'll be getting tracking numbers? I just want to be sure to be home when the delivery person comes.

And, hey, the Uruguayan kids already got theirs, Wayan--now it's our turn to be excited! ^_^

Timothy, I saw one report on "Gearlog" that said:

"Latest figure on the [Give One Get One] promotion--21 days through last Sunday night [Dec. 2]--are 112,000 laptops," which works out to $24 million, according to a spokeswoman.

ZDnet Government quotes an analyst as saying 300,000 units sold is a good first start for a new computer company. Including the overseas deals, OLPC has surpassed that.

“I remain generally skeptical, but that’s some good news,” said analyst Roger Kay. “If you were a budding computer company, you’d be happy to sell 300,000 or so units in your first season.”


Can't wait!!!!


As far as you shipment date inquiry, we are currently producing the laptops as we receive the orders. If you made your donation by the date in the column on the left, you're scheduled to receive your XO laptop within the corresponding delivery window in the column on the right.

Donation Date Scheduled Delivery Window

Nov 12, 2007 Dec 14-24, 2007

Nov 13-15, 2007 Dec 17-31, 2007

Nov 16-25, 2007 Dec 26, 2007- Jan 15, 2008

Nov 27-Dec 31, 2007 Early 2008

We are doing all we can to have as many XO laptops shipped out by December 24, 2007. These shipment dates apply to US delivery addresses only; we will post a delivery schedule for Canada as soon as those dates are determined.

UPS will email out the tracking numbers as the laptops ship out.

We do apologize that shipping CANNOT be expedited.

Your donated laptop will reach a child in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, Mongolia, or Rwanda in Early 2008.

Thank you for your interest in One Laptop Per Child.

----That should answer some of the questions---

I emailed support about canadian orders and got the same time schedule...
so i asked...

Since I'm in Canada - there is currently no plan to start shipping those units to Canada?

and they replied:

We do apologize for the delay in shipment, we are working on shipping those out as soon as possible. UPS will email you with that tracking number as soon as it is available.

So here's hoping Canadian orders arrive soon too!

I ordered on the first day and got a call from OLPC last week. There was some confusion about my shipping address. I was able to call them back and straighten out a simple misunderstanding. I did inquire about the shipping. First, the customer rep. said the units had already shipped. But then she looked into it. Apparently OLPC had already sent their shipping list and the first units were being prepared to go out. She told me that an email with a tracking number would go out after they have been shipped.

Still waiting for G1G1 to get global, or at least ship to europe...

UPS forwarding would be okay, except it seems impossible for them to estimate the shipping costs. Their website wizard talks about up to $280, so no XO for me this christmas..

This is fantastic news. I've been blogging about the XO a bunch, I'm looking forward to actually having one in hand... er... i mean.. i'm looking forward to my son having his! Yeah! That's it!

Judging by the expected ship dates, they are sending them ground. Ground pretty much gets the lowest priority on the truck loading. So they throw(literally) everything above it on, and if the truck has some room, it gets put on for delivery. Large boxes tend to get get through quicker, like a bike I got through UPS, because they'd rather get rid of it, rather than have it sit around. I would like to see what the record for UPS will be with these units in re: arrival condition.

Is anyone aware of any web discussion forums that have been created for the owners of G1G1 XOs? After we open our box, I suspect that my kids and I are going to have a lot of questions. It seems like forum where users can ask questions and help each other would be a big hit.

dwgsp- is a forum dedicated to the OLPC, but it is not very active. I think/hope that OLPC will create some kind of online community, the wiki isn't the best approach to that. It would help gaining more recognition and more software for sugar.


I'm from the UK and I had to place my order by phone. I am shipping to the US, but no-one took an email address from me so I can be kept informed of when my XO is being despatched. They did take my phone number though, does this mean they'll call me instead?


Monday 1700 HR EDT, US

No email from UPS yet.

Is anyone besides me already calling this batch "G1G1D1"?

At least in English (where G and D are rhyming letters) it's a nice rhyme ;)

The next day and no ship notification. Anyone?

Looks like is getting pounded -- can't view anything on the site right now.

Tuesday 1806 HRS EDT, US
No email from UPS yet.

Too soon for despair?

There is no way they shipped. I haven't seen one shipping email or anyone confirming their's shipped. Believe me Ive scoured the interwebs.

It's possible that they shipped and we just haven't gotten the email yet. remember how long it took those of us who ordered on the phone to get a confirmation email. Also, I've ordered from vendors before that have used UPS Ground and it is not unusual to have a day lapse before i received an email with the tracking info.

"Also, I've ordered from vendors before that have used UPS Ground and it is not unusual to have a day lapse before i received an email with the tracking info."

Or worse, they send you the shipping info before it's actually shipped.

You'd think it wouldn't be that hard for OLPC to keep its fiercest fans even mildly informed. They're lucky the initial customers are such rabid fans of the ideal, I can't imagine "actual" customers being so tolerant of being left in the dark.


the 4 weeks reimbursement from PayPal are over, now most of us ( the "rabid fans") are in for the ride, one way or the other. :)

Well, by late evening EST on 12/11/07, technorati led me to this post:

Looks like someone has his.

Did anybody that received their XO actually get UPS emails first?

give one, get one,GOT ONE
it came via federal express yesterday
this is being submitted via MY XO!

I just called the Customer Service number and they know nothing about FedEx Ground delivering them. They still say it is supposed to be UPS.

I ordered by phone Nov12 6:15 am
it shipped Dec 10
it arrived Dec 13 Fed Ex home delivery

I ordered via the web on the 16th.
It shipped Dec 12
I got it today via Fed Ex. I'm also in the Chicago 'burbs not far from where they shipped.

Off to play!!!!


I ordered my XO by phone on the 12th. Never got the email confirmation. Due to no info I cancelled my order on 11/21, called again 11/28 to ensure cancellation. Guess what, my XO arrived today. No I have to decide whether to dispute or keep. It was supposed to be for my 7yo's birthday on Dec 24. Can anyone tell me if it is worth keeping? I'm concerned on difficulty, power supply and ability to print. Any help would be sooooo appreciated.

Thank you!

I heard something about the American-shipped XOs would not include the crank on the AC adapter. Does anyone know anything about this?

Dr. Z

I'm a bit disappointed. I donated in within the first ten minutes possible, and I didn't get a tracking number, nor did I receive the laptop yet. Hopefully on Monday.

Leigh: I received my XO Saturday morning. Inside the box is the battery, AC adapter, computer, and two sheets of paper with minimal information. It charged up quite rapidly.

However, the state of the documentation online is not very good. For instance, using Sugar instructions was modified Dec. 6, but it still has a great deal of old and incomplete information. It seems like an afterthought and is written by people who forget that many of us know almost nothing about an action (app) or o.s. and they leave out basic steps. I wonder how the project is Uruguay is going to handle this because the teachers can't learn just by playing around, even if some of the kids can.


Got one of my XOs yesterday via FEDEX Ground. Waiting for the second one as I placed the order right after the first. Hopefully I'll get it by Thursday as I am traveling to meet family and friends and wanted to take them with me.

No email with tracking info at all.

It is smaller than I expected but seems to be a very nice learning tool for kids. Now, my son (11yrs) may not be too excited about it.... can't plug his iPod to it ;-)

- Thx

Have any Canadian orders been received yet? Contacted OLPC to be told to watch the website -- no change to the shipping info yet.

I am trying to stay focussed on the program and the service provided to children in developing nations, but I am also thinking about those three (yes I bought 3) little grandkids on Xmas morning. They will likely arrive the day I give up and go shopping for something under the tree in lieu :-)

I just received my XO this morning in Illinois. I'm a second day buyer.

I am a first day donor and haven't received my XO yet. I got an email on Dec. 6th telling me that UPS could not validate my shipping address. I immediately called and reconfirmed that they had my correct address and they did. Today, I called them and (after a 45 minute wait) they said my XO has been shipped via UPS and provided me with a 10 digit tracking number, unfortunately UPS website expects me to key in a 25 character tracking number. It doesn't look like a valid Fedex tracking number either. Anxiously waiting ....


I was a DAY ONE buyer, 6:30am EST
My XO arrived today. The email with the FedEx info arrived at 8:30 tonight - no help.
Sure am glad I spent this week studying the on-line documentation.
When I went to the Neighborhood view, there were many icons, both mesh and internet (I live in a 17-story building in New York). I selected the one with the most color fill, assuming the strongest one was my router. I later confirmed by checking the serial number on it. May have to figure out how to put security on it.
I guess from now on I'll be over at the Forum. Good luck to you all.
Two-finger typing is a challenge!

I'm becoming very disappointed. I ordered my OLPC on the afternoon of November 12. They took the money from my PayPal account right away, but I've yet to receive a real confirmation from OLPC. I got the "your OLPC is on its way and WILL be received between 12/14 and 12/24, but nothing more. I just sent an email off to and instantly got a response back saying they were overwhelmed with orders and you SHOULD receive your laptop by the 24th. And, we can't respond to your email directly for 3-5 days.

Why am I seeing people here ordering after the 12th and already receiving their laptops? Why was the demand such a surprise? Why did they extend the deadline on ordering if it was such a surprise?

All those still waiting, take heart. I ordered two XOs online, and received them Today in California. I received an e-mail confirmation the day after I placed the order. They were shipped 2-day and beat the shipping window James shows above. As of this morning a call to FedEx did not show them in the system, and the confirmation number from the confirmation e-mail did not work for tracking them. Maybe the reindeer hoofprints on the driveway had something to do with the delivery.

I am one of the 1st day donor and did not get my XO yet. After calling OLPC 3 times last week, I understood the confirmation number (10 digit) is not the tracking number for the package. It is just an internal order confirmation number. It is good to have that number when calling the OLPC support. In my case, my address was not verified (even after I called them on 12/6 to reconfirm). Now I was told that the address has been verified and XO has been shipped but the support helpline will not have the FEDEX tracking number and they are not aware where it comes from. I was told that my XO will arrive by Jan. 15th and should get an email from someone with the FEDEX tracking number. I got an email over the weekend apologizing for the confusion from OLPC support. At this point, I will be happy if I can see my XO by 1/15. Eagerly waiting (and a bit disappointed)....

I know half a dozen people who want to see the XO laptop and give it a try before donating/purchasing laptops through G1G1. We agreed that I'd let these people try my laptop out as soon as it arrived. Unfortunately, the laptop hasn't come yet, and if it doesn't come by December 31, the people waiting to try it won't be donating or purchasing any laptops. If OLPC wants to see more laptops donated through G1G1, it would be advisable for it to extend the deadline beyond December 31 to a date by which most people will have received their laptops.

As much as I believe in the XO laptop, I'm having a hard time recommending people place orders before December 31 for something none of us have ever seen. I've also had such nightmarish experiences with PayPal (which I'd never used prior to ordering my laptop) that I'm hesitant to order additional laptops even though several family members are interested in them. I understand that offering the XO in stores may not be practical at this time, but there must be a better way of letting people pay for their laptops and get them delivered in a timely fashion.

I made a discovery today about the (non-)delivery of my laptop that may be of interest to anyone who has ordered laptops to be delivered directly to third parties and is concerned about the laptops not having been delivered yet.

My laptop was ordered by an acquaintance with a PayPal account after PayPal, for reasons it wouldn't explain, refused to let me place an order myself. Even though the confirmation e-mail showed that the laptop would be shipped to my name and address, including apartment number, it in fact was shipped to the name of the PayPal account holder, at my address, minus the apartment number. The mail room worker signed for the package, but then didn't know who to give it to since the name didn't match anyone in the building and there was no apartment number. The package reached me only after I obtained proof of delivery from FedEx, showed it to the mail room worker, and asked him to show me any FedEx packages that had been there for a long time without anyone claiming them.

I assume this type of delivery problem won't affect laptop recipients who live at the same address as the PayPal account holders ordering their laptops, or recipients who live in single family homes. However, if anyone living in a high-rise apartment building with locked mail room hasn't received a laptop as expected, it may be worth asking someone who has access to the mail room to look for packages addressed to the PayPal account holder who placed the order.

There's hope for the anxious! I ordered our XO online Nov 28 and was prepared to receive it sometime after the new year. I received an email on dec 21 from OLPC stating I was scheduled to receive it hopefully by Jan 15. We were excited and prepared to be patient. Then, on the morning of Christmas Eve I checked our mail and was surprised to find that our XO was on the porch and had been delivered by FedEx Overnight. I too, received an email the following day, Dec 25, stating my XO had shipped and gave tracking info. Their timing is off a bit, but who cares...we got it!!


I ordered an XO laptop on the 24th of this month (6 days ago), however I get an 'invalid id' error when I use my e-mail address to try and track it using their shipping status/tracking service at

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? I'm a little nervous, I'm wondering whether they've processed infact my order.

and btw, I don't recall having recieved a reference number. I only recieved the e-mail that was forwarded from paypal with the paypal transaction number.

I ordered three XOs on 11/13 for Christmas gifts and haven't received them yet. I called 800-379-7017 a few minutes ago and was told my zip code was entered into their system without the dash between the first five digits and the last four digits so they haven't shipped them yet. They said they should be shipped Wednesday, 1/2, and I should have them by 1/15. I asked for and received a reference number but was told it won't work until they ship. They say I should receive a confirmation e-mail with the reference number within a few days. If you ordered a computer a long time ago and haven't received it or the reference number, try calling them. There might be something wrong with your order information in their computer.

I am a Day1 (hour 1) donor and got my XO only today via FEDEX. I have not received the email with tracking number yet. I called OLPC yesterday and they said the shipping info has been sent to the warehouse and there is no way they can tell whether it was shipped or not. I called Fedex yesterday asking whether there is a package for me. I had to give my address and they said no. Today I went to Fedex website and clicked on the "Track by Reference" and used my 700000xxxx number with my zip code and it said that my package has been delivered yesterday. I guess I called Fedex right after my XO was delivered. The tracking page had a comment saying "Delivered to address other than recipient". I realized it was delivered to my apt. leasing office when I called them. Anyways, if you don't have a reference number from OLPC, call them and get it. At least that will help you track it from Fedex website. Here is some more information to identify your package correctly - the package gets picked up from WHEELING, IL and the package data gets transmitted from LIBERTYVILLE, IL and the package weighs 4.1 lbs with one XO in it.

Good luck to those who are still waiting.

They SUCK, I ordered the first day and still waiting, No information from them, nada.....

Yeah I gotta say their operations/execution is pretty garbage. I ordered on the first day as well and have not received it. I've emailed them and I just keep getting the standard response that there's been an overwhelming response and to be patient. The date getting moved from Dec. 24 to Jan 15. was fine. Now the date of early 2008 is testing my patience.

I completely understand that their delivery model is based on sending thousands at a time, but this is really getting ridiculous. Any thoughts I had of test driving the OLPC and then donating more is gone.

There are plenty of great causes out there, and to provide funds for an inefficient non-profit is a bad allocation of dollars.

As stated above, I ordered three laptops on 11/13. They didn't show up so I called. They arrived on 1/8, I never received an e-mail and the order tracking web page didn't show anything until after I received the machines. My keyboard failed a week later on 1/15 so I sent it back. Today is 3/6, seven weeks after returning it and I still don't have the replacement. They said it would take a month. Yea, right! I don't think it's a good idea for a charitable organization to antagonize their donors. Their customer support sucks.

Their customer support is volunteers (people like us who are fans of the XO).

The G1G1 program was more popular than they expected and they ran out of XOs with US keyboards in mid-January. They only recently got a new shipment of XOs with US keyboards. So your XO might be in the queue.

(Just a fan, not a spokesman for OLPC)