Is One Laptop Per Child Give One Got Done yet?


Can you believe that just three months ago, on December 11, we had the first Give One Get One laptop delivery for One Laptop Per Child? Now that its 90 days later, I have a question to ask about G1G1:

Is OLPC Give One Got Done yet?
xo is god
Success for OLPC LC-DC
Now I am not talking about RMA's or lost-in-transit orders, but actual G1G1 donors who ordered by December 31, who are still waiting for their initial XO laptop delivery. Of special interest would be any Day One Donors who are still sans XO.

In January, OLPC sent an email to the G1G0 folks, telling them:

Our production schedule is still on track and we expect to deliver your laptop by the middle part to end of March. Your donation is in queue and ready for shipment as soon as we receive additional laptops.
And in the February 24th Community News, we heard that:
Production: The final batch of laptops for the G1G1 program are finishing up in production and making their way to Chicago. They will start shipping out to consumers as early as Monday. We expect to ship them all before the end of March.
So as Phred asks in the OLPC News Forum: Has anyone gotten an XO recently?

Are X0 laptops really arriving on doorsteps around the country again? Can I close down the Give One Got None list that went 200+ entries long in February? Are we all going to stop waiting and start mesh networking with XO user groups?

And finally, can we now answer one last question: Was Give One Get One an One Laptop Per Child Success?.

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Still got none: no laptop, no shipping notice, no response to email since January.

...still waiting.... (maybe it'll come with XP pre-installed!)

Still no laptop for me either. I got the February 24 email, but haven't heard anything since. It better not come with XP.

have been waiting since decmeber. really just about ready to cancel. i couldn't be more unimpressed with they way that they have handled this.

Order tracking and tells me my 'donation' is in the shipping queue. Hopefully, that's the 'get-one'-part of the donation.

Before that, I had address verification issues... I ordered end of december.

Gave 3 got 1. Ordered early in December and last day donor. No new info on or the FedEx tracking system with my reference #'s. Hope FedEx doesn't sink to the axles on my muddy road with my other 2 if/when they are delivered as the road finally thawed.

Not yet... Ordered Dec. 30, will probably be one of the last to get the XO. No emails, notifications, etc. since January.

There is a great post on the forums that drtoast put together. It has all the shipping statistics broken down by number-range. Someone should turn it into a shiny graph for us all to see. It is really impressive!

I ordered in the afternoon of the first day. My address, while correct, didn't validate for some reason. Currently the tracking page says I'm "in the shipping queue" but I haven't heard from them for at least a month.

So at least one D1 donor is still waiting.


I ordered in the second week of G1G1, and I finally received mine Tuesday of last week. The email telling me to expect arrival came two days later.

I ordered December 31 and I'm still waiting. The tracker at says my order is "in the shipping queue."

So no, Give one is not done yet.

Just received mine this morning (3/11/08). Was quite a surprise, since I never received any emails or communication telling me that anything was being done. The last email I received offered a partial refund, to which I replied that I'd like a full refund of my entire donation, since a shady business doesn't deserve my money, but nothing since. And this morning, hey here it is, sitting on my desk.

Gave one, still nothing to show for it here. One thing that bugs me is how intermittently this issue even appears in the weekly summary; it sends the message that they don't really think about it very much. But last set of promises was 6-8 weeks from the end of January, so tick, tick...I've got no objective basis for expecting this promise to be met when none of its predecessors was.

Somehow, hope perseveres...

I ordered on Dec. 31 a few hours before midnight. On Feb 20 I received an email saying "Our production schedule is still on track and we expect to deliver your laptop by the middle part to end of March. Your donation is in queue and ready for shipment as soon as we receive additional laptops."

The current status from says "Your donation is ready to be shipped and is in our shipping queue. Unfortunately, we are awaiting new laptop inventory to fulfill your donation."

I'm not sure how they can honestly say it's ready to be shipped if they don't actually have it.

I don't really mind this, I don't think it's great but I knew going into it that I might not get it for 3 months. But not everybody follows OLPC News as closely as I do, so I can see why others would be ticked off.

Placed donation/order on December 2nd.

Not done yet, thought I expect one in March according to the helpful folks at the Donor Services desk. The tracker says that I'm "in the shipping queue", though I don't know if that is just a nice way of saying that I have an order and they will ship it eventually.

So far this is approximately what I expected from OLPC as far as shipping fulfillment goes. They are effectively a startup and there is ALWAYS a lot of unplanned work to do once you have units actually being deployed. They will learn from this and improve. As they grow their ability to get the XO's into the hands of the kids world wide will be truly impressive.

Date ordered: December 7th. Still nothing.

No xo yet. I made my order on Dec. 3. I have gotten a couple of emails, but every time the date keeps getting moved back. People at customer service have been nice but are just reading off a standard sheet. I will be surprised if the xo ever actually gets here. I am not as bothered by the idea of xp on the xo, but it is obvious that almost all of the original principles of olpc have been abandoned, including the idea that Negroponte would actually lead, especially through tough times.

Just got mine today. Ordered late November. Happy happy.

Day one G2 got none - lame excuse about address validation that took months to 'clear up', since I still don't have any - can't say for sure - believe nothing Donor Misservices says - waiting until April because this project could do good - would like to see the local charter school involved - but its hard to push a proposal without the two XOs I ordered. Lack of communication, broken promises, no - they blew this program in a big way, the seeming lack of importance that it be settled and lessons learned bodes ill for future efforts. Sigh.

Correction: I ordered mine on 12/14. Arrived today.

Still waiting for mine. Donated 12/31. I knew I was donating to a non-profit, not ordering from Amazon, so I'm cool with the wait. Hoping to see mine soon, of course.

Placed my G1G1 order in early December.

Called Donor Services in mid-January to update my shipping address, since I was about to move and hadn't heard anything about when it would be shipping. Got a reference number near the very end of the range (going by comments on OLPC forums), which leads me to believe that they had accepted my money a month earlier but never processed my order.

Laptopgiving tracker currently tells me "Your donation is ready to be shipped and is in our shipping queue. Unfortunately, we are awaiting new laptop inventory to fulfill your donation. We expect additional inventory to reach our warehouse from the last week in February through the end of March, and we intend to ship all remaining laptops to donors at that time. We will keep you posted as shipments are scheduled, and will send you an email when your laptop ships, with your tracking number."

Have never received a single email message regarding the status of my shipment.

The whole process from start to end has been a clusterfuck of incomprehensible proportions, and has caused irreparable damage to the reputations of the OLPC Foundation and project in the minds of tens of thousands of people who otherwise would have been their biggest proponents.

I'm still excited about the prospect of getting my XO-1, but will never consider donating to OLPC again in the future.

Mine just arrived today.

Please let me know when children in Nigeria will begin to receive these laptops. What are the modalities and procedures to order for the laptop.

Ours arrived on Wednesday, March 12. We're glad to have it.