This is the First Give One Get One XO Laptop to Arrive!!

olpc g1g1 xo
G1G1 XO's are on their way!

Is this it? This is it! Doug Johnson got the first G1G1 XO and yet was only moved to say:

My OLPC XO came today. Did yours?
Agh! That is not a proper response if he is, in fact, the first kid (at heart) on his block to have clock stopping hot XO technology. I know when I get my XO via UPS, I'll be beyond ecstatic with geek lust.

And unlike, Doug, I'll have a frame-by-frame unboxing photo montage and video, so I can relive the moment time and again. Seeing the XO laptop box might even beat the high of seeing myself on 60 Minutes!

So Doug, about 50,000 people want to know - are you the first G1G1 XO recipient?

Update: Doug just dropped me a line to say:

Wayan, yes, as far as I know, this is a real XO. I am surprised to learn that I may be the first to get one. Had I know this, I'd have been more reverential.
Doug has also updated his site to answer a few of our burning questions around G1G1 delivery. Two key take-aways: no email from OLPC and the laptop came FedEx. Good luck everyone!

Thanks to Adam for the tip!

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As we wait for Doug's response to Wayan's question, perhaps someone can help me understand why the XO is green and white? I've heard people say the unique color makes it stand out and less likely to be stolen ("Have you ever heard of a mail truck being stolen?" A Honda Accord?). But if there are hundreds or thousands around, whose to say the one anyone has is theirs and not stolen? BTW, I'm a huge supporter of this effort, so my question is not being critical, but simply wanting to understand as I show mine (soon to come, I hope) to others and encourage them to support the cause.


Negroponte maintains that the XO is green and white as a tribute to the Nigerian flag:

"We made the first machines went to Nigeria. That's the Nigerian flag. The colors of the Nigerian flag are white and green. And that's how it became white and green."


Where is mine?

BTW... I am interested in forming west coast LA group.

Anyone interested?

harlan- I believe the XO logo on the back of the display is individually coded to uniquely identify a laptop within a village.

I hope this means that the "conservative estimates" for the shipping dates really are "conservative". I'm not a first day donor (had to raise money by eBaying stuff off first) but I'm hoping to see mine in January.

I'd be interested in a West Coast group by the way.

I tried to order mine, only to discover that they don't ship to South Africa :( I want to get people in South Africa behind this initiative... Please, O please ship to South Africa...

I'm up for an LA group, too. Feel free to email me at thepetecomATgmailDOTcom so we can coordinate.

You know, I don't own a car and my bus pass expired, so when I went out for lunch and then a couple errands today I knew I'd be gone for several hours. As a result, I had this horrible feeling I'd return to the apartment to find a yellow UPS stickie note on my door. I'd have given my neighbors another reason to believe that I'm a freak if that happened. Luckily, it didn't.

I just checked Doug Johnson's bio on his site and it looks like he's in Minnesota--do we know where the shipments are coming from? East or west? Minnesota's kinda halfway, so who knows who will get them next? One thing's for certain, there is NO WAY I'm leaving the apartment tomorrow!!

Hi, Fricka!!

Can we get a Frappr map for when we get our XO's and maybe the pict for each person will be a shot of the logo on their new XO? I think it would be cool to see who got what color, and what combos are available. Just a suggestion. I must now go re-bait the tiger trap I dug for my UPS guy outside so he won't get away.

I can hope mines coming soon being I am one state to the east. Anyone got info for Madison meetup? Hit me at coltcannonATgmailDOTcom

I'm in Massachusetts, so I kinda hoped I would see some OLPC groups here, but I haven't yet. If anyone knows of any Mass OLPC groups, let me know. :)

(Hi, Fricka and Pete!)

This is like waiting for Santa!

(I know that there is no Santa Clause....BUT I sure hope he brings me something...soon)

Did Doug receive an email from UPS about shipping info? I wonder if the shipping info will be actually later than the actual delivery.

OOOPS! Adendum...
I should have read his blog a little more. Everyone should read Doug's follow-up:

(No, he did not get an advance notice or email from UPS. And it came by way of FedEx.)


Doug doesn't say if he got an email or even any HotSpot info, but not to worry, we have folks quizzing T-Mobile directly for the latest information:

In addition to the unique green and white color, the laptop also features another way to easily identify one XO from another (and thereby deter theft). The XO logo on the front of the laptop is in two different colors and there is a total of 400 different color combinations for the logo.
From the G1G1 FAQ

"Why are the Xs and Os different colors on each XO laptop?

Individual child ownership is a core principle of OLPC. Ownership of the XO laptop by children in developing nations is coupled with new duties and responsibilities, such as protecting, caring for, and sharing this valuable equipment. The Xs and Os are made in 20 colors each, resulting in 400 different color combinations. By doing this, we ensure that in a village or school of up to 400 children, each child will have their own unique, easily identifiable XO laptop. These colors are mixed and shipped randomly, so the XO laptops that are shipped to North America as part of the Give One Get One program cannot be customized. We hope you enjoy your distinctive XO color combination."

Interesting. I just called FedEx to see if there was a package headed to my XO shipment address, and they said no. When I called UPS, they said I needed the tracking number.

So maybe Doug was special. Or maybe a few folks can call FedEx and see if they have better luck with their shipto address: 1.800.463.3339

Do let us know if you hear of your XO en route.

Wooh! (precursor to Woohoo!). I just checked and my credit card was charged 423.95 by OLPC on Dec. 6. Now I need to think of an excuse to leave work early today, just in case.

Doug Johnson says,

I've got a goldennnn tiiiickeeeeet.

It looks like Brightstar Corp is taking care of the fulfillment:
1001 Technology Way
Libertyville, IL 60048

I wonder if it is FedEx home delivery or regular FedEx (Apple, for instance tends to use different services at different times).

I noticed someone posted today in the OLPC XO Ask a question wiki that they ordered their OLPC over the phone at 6:10 on the 12th and have received it:

I don't guess this was Doug who posted it.

I'm not sure that the credit card "test" is valid. My card was charged for the whole amount on November 12th. Were phone orders vs. PayPal orders taken differently?

12/12/2007 12:50 pm PST - just called to confirm shipping address (I had to change mine from a PO box), and was told that "UPS is the shipper" and he had never heard of FedEx handling the shipments. He also told me that my address was (incorrectly) recorded, and that it was "just leaving the warehouse. UPS will be emailing you with a tracking number when it does." Doug's report of no love nor info from FedEx or UPS without the tracking number leaves me in the lurch -- I can't keep an eye on it throughout my office complex if I don't know what day it's incoming. (They left off the suite number - and apparently there was no way that the operator could fix the info that went to the warehouse.) - So, someone in my complex may get my XO, but it's unlikely that it'll be me. Wish me luck. (People in PDX, let's meet up in January!) - ever hopefully yours, LP in Portland

LP, I'm in Portland too and up for a January meetup! Anyone else?

So yeah. It's nearly 6 EST, and not many people have received their XO yet.

Summing up the day it looks like we've learned:

1 That shipments may be coming from IL (Brightstar)

2 OLPC claims to be shipping via UPS, but the one confirmed recipient got his via Fed Ex

3 Whichever company is doing they shipping, they aren't sending out emails with tracking numbers

4 If shipments did in fact start going out on Monday (12.10) then we can assume that locations closer to IL (like MN) will be receiving their XOs first

5 As much as I have enjoyed quietly waiting for the past month (to the day!), I've got to say that the lack of information from OLPC throughout the process has been frustrating

6 Regardless of whether or not I got my XO for this Friday's trip to Brooklyn, I look forward to someday using my XO on the wireless bus from DC to New York

7 Okay

pixelfish! Yes, there MUST be a bunch of us in Mass who are getting the XOs. I'm not far from Cambridge - I can't believe that DC beat out the Cantabridgians for a meetup notice!


Doug seems to have indicated this his was actually sent out friday. The only thing we have "monday" from was the cryptic passing mention of it from the weekly news saying that the Ship.2 firmware was done on time for the monday ship. Does that mean that Doug's laptop didn't get the new firmware? Of course, we don't know how much ahead of the "monday ship" the Ship.2 firmware was done by, but the phrasing made it sound like there wasn't a lot of leeway time.

Total agreement on the frustrating lack of information. C'mon guys, we're your biggest cheerleaders! I ordered three myself, and have two people waiting to see mine before they order, plus I bet I'll get a bunch of people from work once I bring them in for show and tell. All I wanna know is what's going on.

I must say I am not longer excited if it is FedEx. They have a vast history with me of packages just sitting in warehouses for days up until it approaches the "expected delivery", and then it travels cross country in one night and is there for the day they expect it to arrive. UPS on the other hand has always seemed to keep everything moving, and doesn't like to leave things sit.


Could you expand please on the "wireless bus" you mention? Does Greyhound now have wireless, or some other carrier? (I would *like* to like bus travel better, since it goes more places than the trains do, and both beat planes these days, thanks to the security theater that's come to dominate.)

Have to agree with John, unfortunately. A friend of mine shipped something (books) via FedEx and it arrived -- on time and run over by a truck. You could see part of the tire mark.

I actually have more faith in the US Postal Service.

@ Corey
Those of us who ordered by phone did not see any credit card charges posted for almost a month (as opposed to some online orderers who saw the Paypal transaction posted almost immediately). I did find an excuse to leave work early today and I even got behind a FedEx Ground van in traffic at one point and hoped I might be following him to my house. Unfortunately, turned the other way so today was not the day.

If you've been living on the east coast for the last seven or so years, I am sure you have come across a number of chinatown-to-chinatown bus services that connect the major cities: DC, Phillie, NYC, and Boston. In the last seven years the facilities have, by and large, gotten nicer (though for a price).

Its been years since I was able to go from Boston to NY for 10 dollars on a tiny stinky Fung-Wah Shuttle. Nowadays most places run round trip fair from DC to NY at 35-40 a head.

The newest service,, offers a free bottle of water and WiFi. I haven't done it yet myself, but friends have, and they love it.

I cannot wait for my trip Friday... WiFi bus, then the Brooklyn Brewery, then karaoke.

I never received a first day donor email, so I called today to check on my order.

They told me that my laptop would be shipping today. When I asked when they estimated it would arrive, they only repeated the Dec 14-24 date range. They assured me that I would be getting an email with the tracking number from UPS, but I haven't received one yet (another commenter suggested that it may take a day for them to send it out).

Give that Nick Neg the Nobel prize already!

Try plugging in a full sized USB keyboard and/or a mouse. Do they work?

Got my fingers crossed hoping I get mine today or tomorrow. I ordered mine around 6:30AM eastern time the first day.


I'm in Corvallis but could manage a meetup in PDX (Portland).

@ Jason Des Forges

I read the wiki last night and found assurances that USB mice work fine. I also found that someone has successfully tested full-size USB keyboards.

"If an adult wants to use the XO, can they plug in a standard USB keyboard in order to type comfortably?

Yes. An adult or a child can plug in a standard USB keyboard and it should work. All the keyboards I've tested worked immediately, no configuration required. --Quozl 19:20, 8 December 2007 (EST) "

The wiki is here:

Sorry, that last comment was supposed to be @Ron not Jason.

Alright, so I got my XO last night. I ordered it for a xmas gift for my family, but I haven't any idea how to use it!
I'm not familiar with Linux or Sugar, so I putzed around playing with the camera, tamtam and journal apps a little. I wasn't able to get a wifi connection, though I do have a wireless connection in the house.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this thing! I had planned on having my wife use it for internet access, but I'm having 2nd thoughts.
I desperately want to keep it, but I may be having a little buyer's remorse.
Anyone know where I should start with this new toy?

PS: I didn't get any shipping confirmation or tracking # in my email (so don't despaire, it may just show up on your doorstep like mine did), AND I still don't know if the T-Mobile Pin# is coming or what.

Hi Drew,

sorry to pry, but where abouts in the country do you live? Did it come FedEx or UPS? How did you order yours, phone or internet? And roughly what time of the day did you order? I'm in San Francisco so i'm guessing i have til Friday at the very earliest before i get mine, long way from Illinois :(

Have to say that i'm pretty disappointed about the total lack of information OLPC are putting out about delivery details though. All will be forgiven when i have it in my hands of course, but without some delivery notification the chances of getting mine the first time they come are very slim.

Thanks Dave. I'm at work now, and unfortunately there's not wifi here. Last night I did have a green circle on the Home View, but I didn't know how to go about connecting to the network. All it said was Mesh Network 1 (or 6 or 11).

Maybe I'll take it to Starbucks at lunch or something and give er a try.

thanks again

I live outside of Chicago. I ordered mine via phone (b/c I figured the website would be jammed). I got through in the first hour, but I wasn't terribly inpressed with the whole ordering experience.

I received no tracking # or anything, i was just left in the dark until I noticed it on my doorstep!
I didn't see who delivered it (Fedex or USPS) and the shipping box is at home, hidden away from my wife (it's her Xmas present).

You'll probably get yours the same way I an anonymous gift from the delivery guy!



I am in Palo Alto and ordered mine at 2:59 am via the web and paypal on the first day. Surprised that the website opened a minute early, I was hoping that maybe today or the latest on Friday.


I am first day donor all..6:00 AM EST on the dot. While we all wait...I recommend checking out this video on BBCNEWS of the review by a British boy...Can't wait to get it

Been a crazed lunatic of late ... waiting for the XO. Ours arrived today. No notice ... no email .. just a sweet package at the door when I arrived home from work. Can't tell if it was UPS or FEDEX. We live in Philly. I ordered the first day ... first hour by phone.

Tried to get on my home network ... failed, since it has WEP encryption. Got on my neighbor's ... but, it's very slow. Had trouble downloading SimCity, so I copied it my laptop and to a Flash drive ... how th' heck does the XO read from the flash drive ?? Wanted to prepare the XO a bit before I see my son next week. Perhaps that's a mistake and I should let him devour it himself ???

Drew, I'll buy your OLPC for $200 :)

I'm up for an LA group, too.


It failed the WEP because you didn't have the key, or it failed even after that? According to all the comments I've read so far, WEP is supposed to be OK, it's WPA that requires some special work. Also, did you like the browser?

12/14/2007 12:57 PM Miami, FL

I just received my XO. I'm in love. Inserted the battery. It has a full charge. Came from Fedex Home Delivery. Details and pictures to follow.

Did you get a FEDEX tracking #? I am a first day donor also (6:00 AM and I live in NYC). I saw someone in philly got their's.


No, I did not receive bubkes in the form of a tracking number. I ordered on the first day around 6:30 am.

Keep the faith.

Wayan the moderator of OLPC News asked me share pictures and my first impressions on OLPC News forum.

The pictures are here
and first impressions are here

Best regards,

I ordered on first day, received a confirmation email around nov 27 (even though I called to cancel order on Nov 21 because thought it wouldn't arrive by my daughter's birthday). Didn't receive first day notice, shipping info or t-Mobile email. Received on 12/14 via fed ex.

Hoping those of you that have started using can answer these questions so I can be ready for my daughter's b'day on 12/24.

1) Does it work with a printer and if not can typed docs like homework be saved on a usb and printed using a regular laptop?

2) Can you still connect to the internet before receiving the T-Mobile pin number. Given OLPCs track record on communication the year subscription could expire before we get the email.

I was a late G1G1 (maybe on the 8th-10th day) and received my two XOs in Minnesota on the morning of 15 December. Just last night (18 December) I received an email with fedex tracking info telling me that they were on the way. So now I'm hoping for a couple extra! :)

I'm also in Portland. Just got mine yesterday.

I'm in Southern Indiana, bought mine right at 6 on the 12th, and still not received it. Something wrong with my address. I can't take the wait!

Mine arrived yesterday.I'm online with it now. I have not seen any t mobile info yet. I've been talking about it all day.

I'm a second day buyer and received mine 12/19/07. I live in Illinois. Enjoy!

I got an email on Tuesday night (18th) about 8:30p telling me it was on the way & giving me tracking info. I did not see the email until Wednesday early evening so when I checked tracking at FEDEX I was amazed to see it had been delivered the night before at about 9:30p. I quickly opened the front door (FEDEX message said "Left at front door. Signature Service not requested."); NO OLPC box was found; instead there were 2 boxes delivered by UPS.
Hmmmmmmm...wonder where it is?
I have contacted both FEDEX & OLPC. FEDEX is checking local delivery info & OLPC sent a 'canned' type reply. I am so sad...not sure what will happen now.

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