Giving Thanks for Give One Get One XO Laptops Going Global!!


Today is the American holiday of Thanksgiving - a day we give thanks for the bounty in our lives. And today I give thanks to One Laptop Per Child for opening up Give One Get One XO laptop sales to the world.

Now you can G1G1 in Europe, Asia, Africa & Americas with a major F.A.Q. change:

olpc xo g1g1 start
If I live outside of the US or Canada, may I participate in Give One Get One?

Yes, but only if you provide a shipping address within the US or Canada. To participate, please call 1-949-608-2865. International calling charges will apply.

Geeks worldwide, you read that right, G1G1 is now global! Now everyone can participate in the geek dream of 2007: One Laptop Per Child XO-1 computer ownership regardless of country or currency.

And why did this change happen? OLPC might have their story already set, but I say G1G1 changed because Gabriel Morales's desire to have One Laptop Per Child XO-1 laptop for all children became a global issue that demanded attention.

Yet another OLPC News common sense influence on One Laptop Per Child.

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"Yes, but only if you provide a shipping address within the US or Canada."

Does that mean that I need a friend in North-America?

If you are calling from Australia you need to add 0011 to the start of the number.

The following site will help you look up the country code you may need to add to the start of the G1G1 phone number:

Apart from giving a US/Canada address you also need to give a phone number and/or email address that corresponds to this address.


The BBC have been covering OLPC here in the UK but not really mentioned G1G1

On Tuesday evening there was an item on the main radio news programme "The world tonight" - with a mention at the top of the programme and a detailed item 20 minutes in.

This link to the audio will work until next Tuesday :-

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