Do You Want to Borrow My XO Laptop?


These days I have a spare Children's Machine from a G1G1 donor who realized that OLPC designed an amazing education tool for children in the developing world, not a $100 laptop", and passed his XO on to me.

xo laptop
Here, take my XO laptop

Originally, I held a contest for G1G0 donors, and LesleyT won four months of joy for her class of special needs kids. With them, she explored its ability to be an assistive technology and handle screen licking. She also tested the XO's durability when screaming in digital.

LesleyT now has her own XO, which means I now have a spare. Rather than me having two, I'd like to send this "TravelingXO" on a little road trip to help expand One Laptop Per Child's impact.

If you have an interesting project that needs a physical XO for testing or implementation, and you need it for two months or less, please describe your opportunity, its solution, and how that will benefit OLPC in the TravelingXO Forum.

I'll ship the XO to the projects that excite me, and then assign an order for other projects. If you have an extra XO, feel free to join me in the TravelingXO idea - the more the better.

My only requirements: You'll be expected to write a Guest Post on what you do and send on the XO to the next recipient.

Submit your TravelingXO project ideas here

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