Colbert Report: OLPC March to Global Enslavement


You know the OLPC has gone mainstream when not only does it get coverage on real news programs, but also fake ones.

olpc on Daily Show's colbert Report
Colbert says OLPC = global enslavement
The Colbert Report launched "The March to Enslavement" their new segment on human/technology interaction Thursday night. This first installment featured two favorite topics of tech-lust discussion; the OLPC (using the old hand-crank model ) and the iPhone.

In this short comic take on the OLPC he covers two topics that are the tips of larger icebergs that OLPC News has looked at; such as social engineering / 419 scams and children's natural affinity for technology.

One gets a sense from the piece that all the talk of the OLPC was just an elaborate introduction to get to the iPhone. Hopefully this is not an indicator of how the wider interest in the OLPC will behave. We all want One Laptop Per Child XO laptop to evolve beyond an object for the "ooh, shiny!" school of techno-lust into a well-implemented and sustainable project.

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No Fact Zone has decoded the OLPC binary:

Because I’m completely OCD in the service of you, the heroes, I re-watched the segment and copied down the code. For the first segment on $100 laptop computers, the binary read: 0010010000110001001100000011000000100000010011000100000101010000010101000.

I plugged that into a binary translator, and what do you know? The translation reads "$100 LAPT"!

I, for one, welcome our little, green, plastic computer overlords.


You do not know the self restraint it took for me not to make that joke. Thank you for getting it on the page!

I believe my remark proves conclusively that I'm at least fractionally witty.

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