One Laptop Per Child on 60 Minutes


Thanks to Charbax, if you missed last night's program, you can watch it here, again:

And you can read the entire episode, transcribed, on OLPC Talks.

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here is a story i did on OLPC in Uruguay.


Wayan - great interview. Sorry I couldn't make it over for the get-together yesterday. Didn't get home from NYC until about 9:00.

The issue of what kids will do with the computer is one that's been around for decades. I remember in high school they were talking about putting computers in classrooms but had no idea what to do with them, other than to very generally advance knowledge and/or learning. How? Who knows?

The OLPC program is incredibly important but folks have to remember that computers are like fancy electric trowels - merely tools, not the source of education. My question is the same as yours. How will this advance anything? How will the learning be taught?

When I was in high school, they had computer labs, and the teachers really had no idea what to with them. Not that that bothered us much. We found our own way.

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