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We at OLPC News want you to buy an XO laptop - the famed "$100 laptop" even if its not $100 dollars. Its an amazing tool to learn learning, educating children and adults in the process. But buying an XO laptop can be a challenge - they're not for sale at the local Best Buy. So we've made this handy F.A.Q. for you:

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Where can I buy an XO-1?

OLPC only sells XO laptops in large volumes (thousands of laptops) to governments. If you'd like to purchase one, the best option is via eBay XO sales.

How much does the XO-1 cost?

Since the XO-1 is not available for commercial sale, this question is difficult to answer. It costs OLPC just under $200 to make and deliver them in large numbers. If you're looking to purchase one, they cost whatever the eBay XO market will bear.

Why can't I buy a few XO's from OLPC?

OLPC has at times allowed small-lot purchases and at other times has not; the logistics of supporting such sales are complex. At the present time, OLPC is adamant that they will not sell XO laptops to individuals or in small numbers.

Where can I get an XO-1.5?

OLPC is releasing a new laptop, the XO-1.5, but you can only get one through the Contributors Program application process. You'll need to demonstrate that your project will give back to the community.

When can I buy a XO 1.5 motherboard upgrade?

Cross your fingers and hope that OLPC starts to value the G1G1 community; if so they may offer the motherboard so we can upgrade XO-1's with the XO-1.5 motherboard. But so far, nothing.


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Pretty much sums it up.

I have an XO but it is really too slow and too limited in memory to be stable or useful.

I am looking at either learning python or C for the ipad/ipod touch. At this point I'm leaning toward C because the hardware is available. I need to create some educational software so that kids can actually learn to read and have a good grasp of math facts using dreaded Direct Instruction.

I doubt OLPC is listening. Oh well.

There is a demand for the XO on ebay. There appears to be a few bidders who are repeatedly bidding $250 to $300 and winning for pristine XO's. Guessing they are missionary groups trying to expand their successful projects. The average price also seem to have spike up about $25 to $50 after the Haiti earthquake.

A sad but true FAQ, but I think it's officially too late, even for the 1.5. I've long argued that OLPC should sell the XO (2009: , 2008: , ).

The fact is, the market it created has passed it by for many potential buyers who could have supported the XO ecosystem financially, if not through bug reporting and hacking.

I think it's sad that OLPC is not more open the the people who want to play with these things and come up with neats hacks. The ebay option is a pitty. Be nice if you could just buy the parts. Imagine being able to purchase the body / screen / board of choice (1 - 1.5) and get the thing up and going for your own project. I would like one of the 1.5's for a little project that I am working on (not olpc related) but the pain of going through ebay compared to just going down to the electronics shop and spending x$ on a 'cheap' laptop is a shame. The technology in OLPC is revolutionary! As you can see this is how playing poker online works if you are playing poker in a poker room such as this Americas Cardroom or

Stupid as it sounds, Why not Put it in bestbuy? Why not sell directly through ist onw web site, selling two or three at some point is better that none.
Come on guys, I wanr a couple for some kids. I am not goverment but I won't be buying anything in the stupid ebay, that's ridiculous.

Because it would require a support/warranty plan of which OLPC has none.

so make the parts available, and I'll do my own repairs, thanks. MOST warranties anymore are 3rd party...give the parts and people will sell warranties left and right. So long as the original unit and parts are guaranteed against DOA, there's no support problems that I see.

The unfortunate thing is that since they won't sell direct, I'm willing to bet that somewhere people are selling machines wrested from the resisting arms of the kids they're meant for.

Well ebay just worked for me. Now to see if those XO-1.5 boards will come up for sale as well. As long as the XO-1 will take the board.

I don't see the point of limiting sales. You could use the Fulfillment by Amazon program for distribution, shipping one huge order to Amazon, and then having Amazon handle the sales to individuals.

By not allowing first world consumers to buy them, you are:

(1) Limiting your sales volume and revenue which could be directed into your program.
(2) Contributing to the balkanization of computer platforms. Wouldn't it be better for the third world users of these computers if as many first world students were using them as possible? It seems like that would promote cooperation through computing.
(3) Creating a black market for these machines that will encourage people to steal them.
(4) Limiting the development of the system. The more computer hobbyists who get their hands on these, the better. When you make it a pain to obtain one of these systems, such hobbyists are less likely to pick them up. That's less people coming up with improvements to hardware and software.

I hope these machines become more readily available. I don't see the point in limiting sales to governments. Is this an expression of hostility to the private sector?

I think this is a great organization doing great things but I don't understand the point of limiting sales at all, either. In particular I think there are a lot of kids in the US who don't have access to computers. I know families that don't have access to computers or the internet.

We find it difficult to get XO Laptops in Benin Republic.
Please, tell us the procedure to follow for us to promote these machines in Primary Schools.
From Gbodja Florent AHOSSI-MEHA, President of STED-BENIN (NGO), Tel: (+229) 96 14 40 44. Emai:

After paying $400.00 for one of these so some other child could have one also, I am very disappointed because it did not hold up very well. With a broken screen that I could fix, I am shocked to find it will cost me $85 to replace. Are you kidding me??? Give me a decent price on parts at least for Christs sake. How much do I have to pay for a computer that no one can use???