Who are the key OLPC Twitter people?


Twitter is an amazing medium for real time communications. We scan Twitter every day for comments about OLPC, and respond to all those we find relevant to the one laptop per child movement via:

OLPC News on Twitter

In fact, we've even created our own OLPC Twitter List of all those that are key to XO laptop development and usage expansion. But are we missing someone?

Who should be added as key OLPC Twitter people? Maybe you? Let us know either in the comments below or @OLPCNews

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i've made a list of New Zealanders who contribute to OLPC / Sugar:

What, I don't make the list? I'm shocked, shocked I say.

Anyway, http://twitter.com/lfaraone

Ready to be added - working with XO's in Australia:


Whaddya know - Nicholas Negroponte is on Twitter, though his account is pretty dormant: http://twitter.com/nnegroponte

Nothing since October, and only 8 tweets total.

Maybe we should set up a separate OLPCNews Editors+Writers/Contributors list?