OLPC Upgrade Party Weekend in Washington DC


With the new One Laptop Per Child Software Release 8.2.0, the cool kids in Washington DC wasted no time in upgrading their XO laptops. This whole weekend is a computational celebration!

It started with the OLPC News Upgrade Happy Hour where we upgraded under the influence with some suprising results.

Jon Camfield even went all video on the XO laptop. His 8.2.0 conclusion? "It works!"

But that was just the beginning of the weekend’s festivities. We took the whole party atmosphere to Nortel Networks, who graciously hosted the monthly OLPC Learning Club October Meetup focused on the 8.2.0 upgrade.

Let's have Michael Connet shows us the fun with video:

You can also explore the One Laptop Per Child fun in pictures. Both Mike and I took many:Of these many visuals of our experience, this is my favorite:
If you've had your own upgrade party around Software Release 8.2.0, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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Looks like fun!

Sorry I didn't make it out Saturday; but I can vouch for my continued enjoyment of the 8.2.0 update.