Tonight: XO Upgrade Party Time in Washington, DC!


Upgrading XOs under the influence

Tonight, you better be ready to experience a whole new XO laptop - the Software Release 8.2.0 kinda XO that rocks this world. This the G1G1 2008 build that the OLPC team has put its heart and soul into and is a marked improvement on all other XO software releases I've tried.

So get your XO and get on down to the geek fest! We'll be there, upgrading all night:

OLPC News 8.2.0 Update Happy Hour
Thursday, Oct 16 @ 6pm
Looking Glass Lounge
3634 Georgia Ave NW (map)
Oh and you never know who could show up - maybe your XO twin is lurking in DC. If so, it could be mesh at first sight

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I've installed 8.2.0 on both of the XO's in the house here, and they've been running great. There's a whole slew of improvements straight across the board. Great work OLPC!

I'll second that. Upgrading went fine (though it took close to an hour). And the new version is a true improvement.

I'm having a blast with the 8.2.0 build -- it works as well or better than 711, which I've been using for a couple of months. That is, after I restored my customizations to Write and Browse, re-copied my wifi_on and wifi_off scripts into /root, reinstalled PySol and re-edited the US keyboard mapping so it supported `okina, ... well, you get the picture: as usual, olpc-update is more like "erase everything and install".

An aside: do you think I should file a bug about the "US-International" keyboard not supporting the Hawaiian language? Hawaiian is, after all, an OFFICIAL language in the state of Hawaii. I'm not sure if any other state is officially bilingual. And the `okina character is not provided on the "US-International" keyboard, so technically the keyboard is not supporting the US.

a sober xo is a happy xo

but a drunken Linux Nerd is much happier