Sugarize Your Day With a Sugar UI LiveCD!

sugar user interface
Sugar LiveCD boot screen
While we're focused on the educational models, learning software, and teacher training, the codesmiths at One Laptop Per Child have put out a LiveCD of the Sugar user interface. The talented J5 reports:
I have stopped producing the LiveCD development builds to save space and time it takes to get out the daily builds. They are set to be replaced by the SDK LiveCD builds which will be built less frequently, usually during major sugar API changes and along with the stable builds. The first one is now available at and is experimental. AKA, not guaranteed to work. I want to get some testing and add features such as a USB memory home directories and at some point, point and click installation to a hard drive.
As you download the software and start hacking its core, do let us know what you find. The guys at Polish Linux found an interesting AbiWord action:
In Abiword, the functionality has been crippled to allow only simple formatting (bold, italic, underline, insert image). What is quite astonishing is that the files are saved… in Microsoft .DOC format.
Dear God! I sure hope that's the not start of Windows XP on the OLPC XO, and only an error in default file association judgment by the developers.
Nepal olpc art

Showing better judgment are two presentations by those associated with local One Laptop Per Child organizations. First off, the ever active OLPC Nepal has an intriguing presentation that juxtaposes the rich and poor schools of Nepal, and identifies the Children's Machine XO as the bridge between the two.

OLPC Nepal also suggests that OLPC has dropped the one million laptop minimum order requirement, which if true, would be a great breakthrough in allowing countries to roll out the XO in phases, the hallmark of any well defined OLPC implementation plan.

OLPC Columbia has its own presentation, in Spanish of course, that will give you an idea of their feelings about One Laptop Per Columbian Child.

And I feel its about time to Sugarize my desktop with the new LiveCD ISO...

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The Red Hat download site is overloaded.

We need a torrent of this .iso going, stat... Wayan, you should post one if you come across it.

Regarding the MS Word format set as default in AbiWord, I filed a bug this morning:

Let's see if it will considered a bug, or there is a specific explanation of this choice.

Well, it might not be THE worst thing to use as default some version of Microsoft's .doc format that's already well understood, if two-way interoperability with the rest of the world's documents is desirable. It would let kids share with non-OLPC kids without either side having to think about file formats.

Every version of the Sugar LiveCD I've tried so far has had issues with starting Xserver.
Usually a LiveCD just works, on any hardware. There's a lot of XO hardware specific settings in the build for any of my hardware to run it.

The Nepal group seems to really have its act together.

I noticed that they emphasize the need for extensive teacher training.


While I agree that 2-way interoperable format is a great idea, why .Doc over, say, RTF (or even HTML) (especially if Abi's restrained to the very basic formatting!)

Just when I thought having a good emulation of OLPC was cool. Once the LiveCD has the install-to-disk feature, I'll slap it on my old Dell CPi 300Mhz/128MB RAM system (it currently enjoys running ubuntu with the XFCE window manager)

There seems to be some development on the default format for the word processor. After some discussion (see ticket: ) it seemed at some point that some people wanted the .doc format to be the standard. However a recent word from Walter Bender (that you can read at the above URL) seems to indicate that OpenDocument will be the default format.