OLPC Sugar UI Demo


Did you get all excited when you realized you could emulate the OLPC XO Sugar UI? Did you follow along with our emulated Sugar UI review? And did you want to see a longer video of the emulation?

Now you can! HarryBro has uploaded a very cool 5 minute demo of the OLPC Sugar UI emulation onto YouTube.

Note that this is another emulation. That's not the real Sugar UI on a real OLPC.

If you'd like to know more about Sugar, or even write programs for it, start reading the Sugar human interface guidelines on the OLPC Wiki.

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Well, I think it's good start.

Three things jump out at me immediately about Sugar:

1. The pointer and I-bar cursors should be bigger and/or a very easy to spot color (one of the primary colors). Whenever the cursor moved into the frame area, I lost it until it ran over one of the icons.

2. I think "popup" menus clash with the neighborhood/frame metaphore. Perhaps fly-out menus from the frame would fit better?

3. During the browser demonstration, I had the sense that I was "trapped" in the browser application with no way to activate or switch between other activities. Does te "frame" activation by mousing to the border work? Or do you have something like the "alt-tab" feature in Windows (or a keyboard button)?

Some other thoughts...

When I first saw the interface it stuck me as something that mirrors and faciliates socializing and group activities. Maybe that's how most children work. I know that's not how I worked when I was little. It sounds like Sugar could facilitate the same sorts of cliquishness that person-to-person activities can. So my question is this: is OLPC/Sugar designed to be just an electronic way to socialize children, or is it a way to introduce kids to computers? It's not that these two things are mutually exclusive, but that I have the sense that the former is emphasized over the later.

I'd like to try Sugar on my Palm OS device, that might be a way to get a better feel for it.

Anyway, this is a neat effort and I commend your efforts!

Hope my comments are helpful.