Real Geek Accessories: OLPC T-Shirts & XO Laptop Bags

official olpc t-shirt
Official OLPC T-shirt, modeled

In the midst of your Black Friday shopping spree, don't go spending your entire Christmas budget buying XO laptops on eBay. Do hold back a buck or two for the other geek must-have this shopping season: OLPC T-shirts and laptop bags.

OLPC T-shirts

First up, Todd Kelsey put together a CafePress shop with OLPC logo t-shirts. While they're nice, they'll never make you look geek chic hot.

That can only be achieved if your attire is distinctively local like a Tuquito t-shirt that I've wanted for a few months now, or OLPC Austria's black is the new black XO logo understatement.

Down in South America, there is no understatement with OLPC Peru, they go all team red to liven things up. Sadly, Luis Ramirez is green with envy in Chile. No t-shirts for him when he's promoting OLPC to Secretaria Generals.

XO Laptop Bags

olpc xo laptop bag
XO laptop bag in action

You need not have jealousy if you don't care for the t-shirts. You can always promote OLPC with your very own bright and colorful XO laptop bag from Ten Thousand Villages.

Better yet, with the whole Open Software theme of One Laptop Per Child, you might want to take matters into your own hands with a Hansel and Gretel adventure of building your own Open Source laptop bag.

If you don't see any swag or bag that catches your eye, don't fret. You can always help OLPC design up your very own Project Runway dreams

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Here's the first accessory I plan on purchasing:

Too bad the only T Shirt that seems available to the general public is the ones in the Cafe Press store. While I like the logo, they all appear to be adult shirts. I bought an XO for my son and it does not look like it will get here in time for Christmas so I thought it might be nice to give him the t-shirt and tell him the XO is coming. Can't get hold of the store owner either.
I like the red XO shirts best but found no place where I could readily order them.
Ah well.

The accessory I want to find: replacement batteries!

Aren't the batteries supposed to be cheap as one of their revolutionary qualities? :)

However, it doesn't matter if they're cheap if they're not to be had; I wrote to the OLPC techical support email address (which may be staffed, like the order line, by people who are coached a bit and provided with materials, but who are not themselves especially familiar with the details of the device or project), and was told that replacement batteries are not available through the OLPC project. (Not an exact quote, but I think a fair paraphrase.)

If the batteries really are cheap to produce ($10 is what I keep reading :)), I'd like to get several -- I'd enjoy having a few spares on hand at all times.

The fact that the power requirements are nicely flexible is good; perhaps I'll get one of those universal plate batteries, but I like the low-weight (and size) of the kind that actually fit in the laptop.

I guess this is one of those things that the months ahead may reveal; since the G1G1 program seems to be selling them pretty well, perhaps there will even be enough demands for a 3d party vendor to supply right-sized batteries, if the reply I got from the technical support folks is correct.

(I wonder if the new chemistry will be available in batteries made by anyone outside the OLPC project itself, though -- I wonder if / when that tech will start showing up in other laptops, too.)



The weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal has an article about OLPC and competition from Intel, Microsoft, etc.

Wow..the multi-language OLPC t-shirt is super-cool! We don't have something like that here in Chile. Yet, we do have a 'secret weapon':

How cool is that?
anyway, we are still looking for a way to get some funding for our local campaign. It's difficult because we do not want to get any money from corporate souces (of course not from our buddies in Intel or AMD). We also don't want money from the OLPC foundation. So it's ourselves, the usual bunch of crazy geeks, the only ones to be targeted for funding!!



What about UCPN T-shirts? I would buy one if you offered international shipping. I might even get it before the Tuquio and OLPC Austria shirts I have on order.

@Con: I checked that tinyURL you referred to: Are you sure it'll work with the XO? The seller claims that the keyboard works only with Windows. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be compatible with the XO--just asking.

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Lylah if you still want a kid's shirt I have a different logo (the XO one) here:

Today's the last day to order and get it by Dec 24th though.

Dear Sir,
I need laptop in your store,there i will like to know if you can ship my goods to
to UK.

Mr Roland Mason

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