OLPC Black Friday Shopping for XO-mas

olpc ebay sales

I would love to announce that One Laptop Per Child has restarted the Give One Get One program of years before, but sadly, you can only Give One on Amazon.com. But there are still good Black Friday Deals on XO-ish things. Amazon has netbooks on sale for those who want to shop for new computers.

Over on eBay, you can still buy XO laptops, some in their original packaging. But if you already have an XO-1, and you're holding out for an XO-1.5, you can always go Constructionist while you wait with these three books:

Personally, I'll be re-watching my favorite TV show: 60 Minutes - One Laptop Per Child.

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The XO 1.5 seems the key to OLPC's immediate survival.

I know, of course, that OLPC is non-profit and many of its workers will stick with it in some capacity, no matter what the state of its orders pipeline.

However, with its key differentiating factors (principally the screen and Sugar) now more accessible to competitors, its important OLPC stay competitive -- I'd hate to see them go under because potential customers lose heart due to delays while (comparatively) expensive netbooks with PixelQi screens appear on the market.