G1G1 Global May Be Ending: Order Your XO Today!


G1G1 Global may end

Now that the previous shipping issues were resolved and XO laptops are headed out from Miami and Brussels, the OLPC Community News and Blog have interesting updates on the status of One Laptop Per Child's Give 1 Get 1 Global program:

  1. All G1G1 Global orders made before December 16th should have reached happy homes by Christmas day.
  2. Some XO's were even personally packaged by Saint Nicholas himself, (dressed like Santa?)
  3. UK orders will be slightly delayed due to CE marking mixups
  4. Orders between December 17-31 should ship by early January.
  5. And, most importantly for international donors, G1G1 Global may end at year's end, so order your XO today!
G1G1 Global is still shipping to over 44 countries, from Austria to Afghanistan, Haiti to Hungary. So you don't have an excuse to be XO-less in 2009.

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SJ Klein has more depressing news:

"Quick G1G1 updates :

Some people in Europe weren't sure about when the program is ending; while we didn't announce a specific date, it is likely to stop after December 31st. While there was been discussion about continuing G1G1 for a short while longer in the US, that may end at the same time."


And now the rather unceremonious official announcement of the end of G1G1 2008 in the US and globally in two days on 12/31/08:


The OLPC blog post says naturally that they are happy to take monetary donations from individuals and that the Give a School program will continue on.