Give 1 Get 1 2008 Started in Europe and USA!


Now this is how to celebrate Monday with OLPC: Give 1 Get 1 2008 has started!

At 11:30 in Europe and 5:30am on the East Coast, Give One get One donors are able to go to and join the One Laptop Per Child program in two ways:

  1. Donate $399 to Give 1 XO laptop to a child in the developing world, and Get 1 for themselves
  2. Or be purely philanthropic and donate $199 to Give 1 XO to children in need.

Being European I am most interested in the soft XO laptop pre-order process for those of us on this side of the Atlantic. How exactly will OLPC manage all the expectations?

To that end, I've created a G1G1 Europe OLPC News Forum section to discuss all things G1G1EU related. So if you've got questions, thoughts or comments about G1G1 in Europe then head to the forums to make your voice heard. I'm already wondering how many XO's will be donated by Europeans.

Update: was just updated with the following information: information pages are up, but it will not be possible to donate a laptop or to G1G1 until later this afternoon. currently leads to a landing page from where you can get to the XO-laptop product page but there it's not possible to donate just yet. On you can also find the OLPC XO Laptop product page by searching for it, again it's not yet possible to actually donate. I'll keep hitting refresh and report back as soon as things are live.

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Where is the XO page?

Am I the only one, who can't find the XO on Amazon UK? Should it not be up and running now?

Did the offer not start on time, or did they run out already? said "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock." at 5:45 East Coast time, and still at 6:30.

I "buyed" one, but after 5 minutes the XO page disappeared.

I've been patiently waiting for this to be available. Can we get an update on whether this is sold out or not?

You can't even just "Give One" (donate) on the Amazon page. *sigh*

Delivery Restrictions: This item can only be delivered within the UK

ONLY IN UK ...? And Europe?

Hey guys, things are running behind with the Amazon site(s). Hold tight a little while longer.

>UPDATE: information pages are up, but it will not be possible to donate a laptop or to G1G1 until later this afternoon.

From the website blog.

Yikes... Amazon had plenty of time to prep for the G1G1. Sigh...hopefully they get their G1G1 site working. Hey Amazon, at the very least add some messaging for customers explaining your site is messed up.


Delivery estimate: 19 Dec 2008 - 24 Dec 2008
Dispatch estimate for these items: 16 Dec 2008
1 "OLPC XO Laptop"

Postage & Packing: £50.00 (fron UK to Italy ...)

alex1202, have you already placed your order or did you bail out at the end?

I placed my order. I received an amazon auto-confirm email with the order number.


Sorry for my English :)

I have also just completed an order for one XO! Haven't received a confirmation email yet, but on my amazon account page, I can see the order. But I was surprised, that it costs £50 to have it shipped outside the UK - I live in Denmark... But hopefully it's worth it.

Can't wait until Christmas now! now lists it as "In Stock". You can even get it delivered tomorrow if you order by midnight tonight (or 4:00 PM Eastern Time, whichever comes first).

Just (10:50 EST) ordered mine. At least the USA side is up and running.

Have you seen this? :)

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Outstanding! I hope it stays ranked that high for a long time!