G1G1 2008 XO Laptops Need a Sugar Upgrade Already


Upgrade to Sugar 8.2.0 now!

Contrary to previous statements, One Laptop Per Child is not shipping XO laptop with Sugar Release 8.2.0. Thanks to tvoverbeek's explorations we've just learned that OLPC is shipping G1G1 2008 XO's with Build 708, aka 8.1.

Now why might that be? Ed McNierney says:

This year it was extremely important for us to have Amazon stocked with inventory so orders could be fulfilled and delivered right away, the first day of the program.

That meant that manufacturing actually had to begin before 8.2 was released; the machines being manufactured now have 8.2 built in, but the first G1G1 buyers will be receiving the first manufactured machines.

Sadly, I do not think OLPC is telling the donors who receive the Build 708 machines that they need to upgrade their software. Nor does the wiki differentiate between different G1G1 releases for help and support. And woe the poor Support Gang crew who starts emails to frustrated XO owners with "First, you'll need to upgrade Sugar..."

The only consolation for the G1G1 2008 first run donors? Upgrading is easy (directions) and Sugar Release 8.2.0 rocks!

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Some more info. It seems not the whole stock at Amazon USA has 8.1. Has anybody received a G1G1-2008 laptop with 8.2 ?

I've heard that 25,000 XO laptops are 8.1, which is 30% of g1g1 2007 and maybe half of g1g1 2008. What really irks me is that OLPC is not telling G1G1 donors that they need to upgrade, so when they try anything on the wiki or with other users, they'll get errors.

I've been running 8.2 on my XO-1 but the mouse seems to not work like it use to. Sometimes it seems to have a mind of its own. Has this been reported before?

I've just received my xo 5 days after the g1g1v2 started.
My xo says:
build: update 1.708
firmware Q2D16

Should I upgrade my firmware?

Yes, bberk, you need to upgrade to Release 8.2.0 using the super simple wiki instructions. Or you could join a December Upgrade Party and do it with others: http://olpcnews.com/forum/index.php?topic=4023.0

I ended up doing a clean install, which upgrades sugar and the firmware. Unexpectedly all my activities were erased. I had to download the G1G1v2 activities pack (That should be emphasized).

Pippy seems corrupted. When I highlight it on the home screen it says 'sugar-shell' resume, stop. I plan to erase it and reload it. to see if that fixes it.

Please Help!!!All of my activities have disappeared. All I have left is my journal. How do I reinstall them? I have no browse and no terminal.

@ Greg: Hi. If you have access to the Internet (are online) and you have a newer version of the operating system, you can usually put your mouse right over the top of the XO icon on the main screen and wait a second or two to see a menu appear. In the menu there is an option for Sugar Control Panel. Then in the Control Panel, there is an option for Software Update. Use this if you can. It will show you a list of activities to install.

There are also ways to put activities on a USB stick and install them: see [url]http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activity_installation_alternatives[/url]

You can also try hitting Control-Alt-Neighborhood (the button at the top of the keyboard with all the dots). This should open up a root console for you to use if you need it. Control-Alt-thecirclewithonedot ought to take you back into Sugar.