Amazon Give 1 Get 1 Europe: XO's Available Dececember 16


This morning saw a couple of hours delay in getting the Amazon Give 1 Get 1 pages up and running. However things now seem to be running smoothly as at least the OLPC XO Laptop product pages is live and apparently ready to take your pre-orders. (See updated information below.) One interesting tidbit of information already hit me:

This item will be released on 16 Dec 2008.

Anyway, I'll be clicking myself through the pre-order process for European donors and then report back with my findings.

Update: Looks like my joy was a bit premature as the pre-order option is not available anymore, I guess there's a lot of activity going on behind the scenes at the moment. So probably it would be smarter for me to grab some lunch instead of hitting F5 all the time... ;-)

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well, it looks like Amazon UK decided to piss in the pool and screw the rest of Europe, look at what it says under "delivery restrictions" on the product page:

Product details

* Product Dimensions: 2 Kg
* Boxed-product Weight: 2.2 Kg
* Delivery Restrictions: This item can only be delivered within the UK
Find out more about our Delivery Rates and Returns Policy

... etc.

Worse, PC Word says 1stQtr 2009:

"All orders from outside the U.S. will be taken through Amazon's U.K. Web site and will be delivered in the first quarter of next year or later, OLPC said in a statement."