OLPC / Amazon preparing to bring G1G1 to Europe?


There were 4 big questions when it was first revealed that Amazon would be running this year's edition of the Give 1 Get 1 program:

Europe dressed in OLPC green
  1. How much is it going to cost? $399.
  2. When will G1G1 v2 start? November 17.
  3. Will it come with Windows XP? No.
  4. Is G1G1 v2 going to be available outside the United States?

As you can see 3 out of these 4 questions have been answered so what about the last one? Well, for the first time there are some indications that OLPC and Amazon are preparing to bring G1G1 v2 to Canada and Europe.

The information can be found in Jim Getty's weekly community-news update from September 22:

Adam also worked on G1G1 Past: escalated customer service; closing out universal RMA policy confusion, refunds, loud donors; Canadian customs errors, etc; and some actual Tech Support too! G1G1 Future: RT overhaul to begin w/ Adric & Henry); post-USA G1G1 countries prep; discussions w/ OLPC France, considering Canada & Europe fulfillment; manuals pre-prep, PR pre-prep, etc

Now how great would it be to finally have G1G1 be available in Europe?! This is, with a large margin, the most popular question whenever I talk to anyone about OLPC and it would be awesome to be able to tell people that yes, it's going to be available.

Of course the possibility of G1G1 v2 coming to Europe opens a whole host of new questions:

  1. When will G1G1 v2 be available in Europe?
  2. At what price?
  3. Which countries will be included?
  4. Will we get customized keyboards?
  5. ...

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. But for now I can't help but be excited!

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i take it this will be the XO 1 and not the XO 1.5? i take it from the price that they aren't even manufacturing it at a lower price

golly...they're making headway in the OS, and the experimentation by the people for ways to get the absolute most out of the XO has been going quiet nicely...but it would be nice to seem SOME positive changes in the hardware in one form or another.

Why all the excitement over G1G1 #2? You can get XO's on eBay for $200: http://tinyurl.com/4qmmpm

In Europe, is the second XO tax-deductible? If so, is it deductible for residents of all EU countries or only some? If the latter, in which countries is it deductible?

Adi, this is still an unknown at this point. Stay tuned for the frontpage as we'll post updates as this information becomes available...

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