OLPC XO-1's Starring Role on Flickr Photo


No matter how serious you are about One Laptop Per Child, every so often, you should check out what people are doing with Children's Machine XO-1's using Flickr search and have a good laugh.

OLPC XO: Star role central!

There you will see all manner of OLPC activities captured by loving fans. Most photos are the standard OLPC + me pose, or OLPC + kids, but others, well... I think there are some very creative stress tests going on globally.

Which only makes me ask one question of you: If you had an OLPC XO-1, what would your OLPC Flickr photo be?

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My question is how in the world they are getting there hands on them, i mean obviously they are not poor, nor did they buy 1 million units, so how?

Spyke01: These are BTest-1 Units, the OLPC XO's build specifically for testing to destruction. Not computers for general country implementation.

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