A Magnetic Attraction to the XO Laptop


Did you know that the One Laptop Per Child computer has a little magnet on the bottom left side of the keyboard?

There to activate a sensor in the display area above the microphone when the XO is closed, the magnet tells the XO when to go into a power-saving mode, but I don't think the software is released yet.

You can still have fun with the magnet, even if it's not fully functional. I like to use it as a cool party trick with a USB memory key:

What do you use your XO magnet for?

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Paperclip holder!

I discovered this almost as soon as I got my XO when it started picking up paper clips at work, and allen wrenches and other things at my house.

Sure hope nobody uses magnetic media anymore. I know I don't.

Not to spoil anyone's fun, but I've been running 691 for a week or two and I use mine to put my XO into standby, with the LCD and backlight off when I close the lid :P

Note to self - don't lay credit cards down on keyboard (when my G1's get here...)

Ditto on finding out that there's a magnet in there because paperclips and other assorted small metal items migrate to that part of the keyboard. Surprise! :)

It took me a second to realize why it's there (to allow the XO to know when its screen is closed). Till then, it had me wondering if I had either too much caffeine, or not enough caffeine, in my system. ;)

wow, thanks for prompting me to upgrade to 691, just did so and I think we have a new XO game to play - see if you can open the lid and get your hands to the mouse before it has finished resuming from suspend!

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