Nicholas Negroponte on OLPC XO vs. Classmate PC


Last week when Nicholas Negroponte announced that there would be OLPC XO's in Argentina, 50 now, 500 in December, he had an interesting interview with Dominio Digital TV.

At 4:50 in the clip on YouTube, Dr. Negroponte responds to the interviewer's question about the difference between the implementation plans of the OLPC XO and Intel Classmate PC with:

"The difference is that Intel's approach is much more teacher-centric. Ours is much more child centric. And that in some sense is a philosophic difference. It's not a technological difference."

Then Nicholas Negroponte goes on to question why Intel would criticize a program that is asking for $150 Billion dollars in start up funds, utterly dwarfing any existing nonprofit or even foundation budget, for "energy" in schools:

I think that Intel has made a very big mistake, criticizing us, because we are a humanitarian effort and it really is not very intelligent to criticize it. [...]

And we don't compete with them. And they tell me all the time, they're interested in the next billion units. And I say, I'm interested in the last billion units. So these are very complimentary approaches. They really go together."

Do you think Intel, with around $30 Billion dollars in 2005 profit total income, sees an AMD-backed program expecting $30 Billion dollars in yearly funding as complimentary? Do you think AMD does? And do you really think One Laptop Per Child does too?

I think not. But good attempt at spin, Dr. Negroponte.

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Brazilian TV story about educational projects evolving OLPC XO and Classmate PC. (Sorry, in Portuguese, as I have no time to translate and put captions). But shows both laptops side by side.

I think Intel should really have backed OLPC rather than going toe-to-toe, which is essentially one very real interpretation.

I will always have to bow to Negreponte's views on Intel's efforts, but it certainly does seem a wasted opportunity for Intel to put their very considerable technological expertise and manufacturing clout behind the OLPC initiative...

I am interested in purchasing an xo computer for my daughter how do I go about doing this?
Marc Garfinkel

I too would like to know how to purchase the OLPC XO computer before the end of this month as per TV program. Also, Mr. Negroponte, when do you think your program can reach the children in Haiti?

We would like to purchase an XO by the end of December for our granddaughter and would appreciate a clue on how to do this. I understand it has to be through the OLPC website. Thank you. K. Hoff

Marc, Jane and Kay: Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and for wanting to purchase an XO laptop. All you need to know is on the One Laptop Per Child's "Give One, Get One" web site is at You can donate there online or by phone.