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first g1g1 xo
Are you this happy too?

Are you one of the super-lucky kids (at heart) who has a One Laptop Per Child computer already? Did Santa come early with your G1G1 XO? Then revel in your geek glory on the OLPC News Forum, G1G1 Introductions Board!

There, Ar7499 says, I won the XO lottery:

I am a day 2 buyer. I ordered on the internet very early on day 2, and yesterday, to my surprise, my (my kids, I guess) xo is here!!!!!

I live only about 20 mins from the libertyville shipping site. Maybe that means that there are a bunch in the fedex system right now for the rest of you.

Oh if only I could be so XO-lucky too! But alas, I have to live vicariously through other's First Impressions, like those of Drew's wife:
Just a little update for you. I'm not terribly good at holding off on Christmas gifts (which is why I usually shop at the last minute!), so I suprised my wife last night.

My wife LOVES this laptop!!

I taught her the basics of how to start an activity, switch to a different activity, and navigate the Journal. She's been online to check email and started a diary using Write.

Good for her! Though how long do you think it will be before Drew's three kids (and Drew too) want an XO of their very own?

Me, I'm still waiting.

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Well that fella above certainly looks happy ;)


Day 2 buyer is getting his XO?

GAH!!! I feel so dissed as a minute 1 buyer!!!

Default back to this mode...

Dickey47: you just don't know how excited his is...

"Just a reminder that I am delighted to receive this computer. As you can tell from the photo at left, I can hardly contain my excitement. (Do remember that we Minnesotans tend to be more inwardly expressive.)"

RE: I'm Still Waiting
If I could pry this laptop out of my wife's hands, I swear I would send it to you and take yours when it comes! You've done an incredible job with this website and the forum. Mr. Negroponte really *should* send you a complimentary XO asap.
Ah well, just one of life's little ironies, eh? Hang tight, you'll get yours eventually.

Per the advice of other posters I called FedEx (800.463.3339) and no packages are scheduled for delivery at my address :( 1st Day Buyer in Berkeley, CA. Looks like the folks who are close to Libertyville are the lucky ones. Wondering if anyone else in CA has any information on their delivery?

I was a 1st ten minutes G1G1 donor by phone and my XO was delivered yesterday (12/13) while I was at work. The tracking email and the HotSpot code cam come later--I'm glad to have the XO first. But I wasn't the first on my block to get one. Last night I found an unsecured network named Jones* and when I connected to it I was able to browse the Internet. But then I noticed a second XO icon in my neighborhood named Mikey Jones and it had a drop down box with the option to make friends. I don't know the family well so I didn't choose that option. I noticed that when I disconnected from the Jones network, Mikey Jones disappeared. I will install my wireless router this weekend, with security.

*Substituted a common name here

I also noticed at home and at work I get three mesh network icons (number 1, 6, and 11) but I can't do anything with them and they don't permit Internet access (I guess my XO is looking for a school server).

Forgot to say that I live in NC, near Charlotte. I have read about several deliveries to midwest locations and a now I know of a few on the East coast.


I saw that same effect on a XO at the Washington Post. We picked up WiFi networks no one else did and I think got a few folks in trouble for having open networks at work:

I am a week two buyer but i just recievved my xo at 5:30 pm on thursday. I am having trouble connecting to the internet on my home wifi. I haven't read the manuel yet though i was hoping it would be intuitive. I am not a geek but more of the save the world type. Thats why i participated in this fundraiser. I do hope to become a little linux savy and fooling around w/ this xo might help me with that. Sorry to all u day oners who haven't gotten your xo's yet. Peace to the world everyone

This is killing me. Week two buyers are already getting them???!!! I hope this doesn't deter those who are on the fence and haven't ordered them yet. Oh well. Hopefully, the recipients of the given laptops get theirs just as quickly if not quicker.

When I say this, I mean it with all due respect and sincerity:


I live in North Carolina. As a first day [morning] orderer, I guess if I don't see it on my porch Monday night, there will be a few phone calls to Negroponte that evening.

fedex says there is a delivery heading to my house in portland, oregon set for tomorrow (saturday). santa really does exist. day 1 order btw.

I guess FedEx/UPS has specific routes they are making to work around the holidays. I doubt it depends if one is a Day 1 donor or not.

By the way, Wayan,
I think you started the forums JUST IN TIME.

The active enthusiasm of everyone seems to be hyping up pretty fast!


Portland today! Maybe Seattle as well! I can't wait.

Are you guys at least getting tracking numbers?

I am a little worried about receiving my laptop since I haven't received any sort of email notification but the Paypal confirmation of payment on Nov. 12.

It is messed up that they are shipping these things out indiscriminately and not according to who bought them first like they stated.

I just called FedEx, the operator looked up my address and said that my XO is expected to arrive on the 19th. Which is right in the middle of the promised ship dates for Day 1 donors/purchasers, but they did a poor job of setting expectations if week 2 purchasers are already getting their XOs.

I'm a first day donor in Seattle. I just called FedEx and found that it is scheduled to arrive on Thursday the 20th. Yet Marc in Portland gets one today?

Sigh. What I really want though is some sort of confirmation that the Give 1 XO is manufactured and shipped. Do we get any notice about that?


My (or I should say my daughter's) new XO just arrived. I ordered online on the 17th Novemeber so I was surprised to see it so early as I'm clearly not a day 1 donor. My location is Potomac, MD; the box was shipped via FedEx from Brightstar n Libertyville, IL. Now I just have to work out how to open it - not immediately obvious. I never received any notification of shipment, and have not received the T-Mobile info yet,


Urf. Early AM Day 2 donor here. I got an email on Friday saying my XO could not ship to the provided address. I supplied a new one (well, same one in different format) and must wait again. :( Combine that with holiday travel and who knows if I'll see my XO this year.

I wish addresses were validated before shipping - I have received many an item at the initial address I supplied!

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