OLPC Hacking: Control Your XO Laptop with Twitter!


Did you know you can actually use Twitter to send commands to your XO laptop? Yes, that's right, you can tweet commands to your XO, controlling it from any computer or phone in the world.

Anna, our very own OLPC News Forum Senior Contributor, has developed a hack that can do this and more - all you need to do is power on your XO, connect it to the internet, and follow these instructions.

Taking this hack to the next step, OLPC News Forum member Freemor says:

If you really wanted to get fancy with the stolen XO aspect of it you could have it use the wigle.net API and Tweet back it's current longitude and latitude.

Next up, Anna has also devised a way to have the XO laptop automatically post pictures to twitpic, though she warns that you should never do this without the XO laptop owner's permission. Or without taking precautions.


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1 Comment

That is pretty cool,
I see 2 immediate cool uses:
1) very rudimentary technical support tools, some remote IT tech could send the computer basic commands to gain information and would not take the amount of bandwidth that vnc/rdp would take

2) teach could assist students launch programs to connect them to the learning application if the student is struggling.