OLPC Brazil Rollout Delayed Two Months


It what has become a running joke, the One Laptop Per child project is again in disagreement with governments over its roll out schedule. This time it's not Thailand's Caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra claiming delivery of the first 530 laptops, but the Brazilian Government talking about a two-month delay.

On August 25th, PC World Brazil reported that negotiations between One Laptop Per Child and the involved federal agencies, Ministry of Educação (MEC), Ministry of Science and Tecnologia (MCT) and the Laboratory of Sistemas Integrados (LSI), all agreed to postpone the testing of the Children's Machine 1 by two months. Babelfish translates the article to say:
The project, lead in partnership of the MEC with the Ministry of Science and Tecnologia (MCT) and with support technique of the Laboratory of Sistemas Integrados (LSI) of the USP, was postponed in two months for the delay in the negotiation between the involved groups, says Roseli Lopes, coordinator of the Nucleus of Learning, Work and Entertainment.
That would be two months from September to November so the Brazilian Government can define questions around how to implement the CM1 laptops into the school environment. A open question I've been asking for a while and the OLPC team has not answered.

Laptop.org, the official OLPC site, spins its Brazilian connection a whole other way in it's August 26 Press Release. There Walter Bender says:

David Cavallo reports that the Brazilian government is finalizing their plans for all aspects of laptop roll-out. As the project to date has been coordinated by the presidency with the assistance of the Ministry of Education, they will now begin to work more deeply with other ministries.
Work deeply with other Ministers, eh? Sounds more like they're finding all kinds of bureaucratic reasons to stall and waffle. The best one; no one wants to be pinned with a $140 million dollar mistake.

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"Sounds more like they're finding all kinds of bureaucratic reasons to stall and waffle".

You're absolutely right.

Even with president Lula almost reelected, there'll be no testing around here until the next year. Believe me.

Brasil's middle name is corruption and it's last name is bureaucracy.

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