XO Laptop Help: How To Get DOOM on Your XO


Do you kick your video games old skool like I do? Did first-person shooters peak at the original DOOM and then get all too complicated after that? And did you start to shake with excitement when you saw the DOOM on XO video?

If so, let me tell you that its super-easy to get Doom on your XO too. Or FreeDoom to be exact. As Heng explains on the OLPC News Forum:

  1. Open terminal
  2. Type su
  3. Type yum install prboom
  4. Accept all file downloads
  5. Type exit
  6. Type prboom -geom 1200x900
  7. Play DOOM!!!
You will need a decent WiFi connection to download the files - it’s a few Megs - but its well worth the wait.
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Awesome! Any chance someone'll set it up so you can control it with the game buttons?

I put Doom on at the weekend, although i didn't know about the command for full screen. The answer to your question is yes, you can play with the game buttons, you just need to redefine the controls from the menu when you get in game. On a related note, does anyone else find their D-Pad to be absolutely awful and basically incapable of hitting UP without going right or left at the same time?

maybe i'm just slow or something, but i loaded up doom and can't seem to find a door to open once i've picked up the armor. is this a bug in the program or me?

for the game buttons in the menu go to option/setup/key bindings to get your game pad keys setup.

I went to the control-configuring page while in-game, but it didn't respond to the gamepads. Am I missing something? I know they work because I navigate with them when I'm using Opera.

Did you forget the tricks to DOOM? You have to find the blue key to open that first door. Its on a pedestal that will come down when you flip the switch on the wall with spacebar.

You have to set up the controllers to work using the control-configuring page, it will not find them automatically. Play around for a bit to get it right. Or set it up backwards to fool your friends.

Good luck!

Never mind, I got it to work! Wasn't pressing "enter" before and after. Thanks!

PS the "remember info" button on this website doesn't seem to do anything.

5. Type Exit

Actually, that should be lower case "exit"


thanks for the help, was a really long time since I'd played and forgot the basics...another question: can i get doom to save to a thumbdrive?and if i want to delete the files completely how do i do that?

i downloaded it and its great but how do u jump?

Hi. I'm having trouble running this. I installed the program. I saw the download finish in terminal and then the installation. The screen said "finished" at the end. I didn't try it immediately then.

So after starting the XO again and launching terminal, I am type "prboom -geom 1200x900" and press the enter key, I get the following message:

bash: prboom: command not found

Can anyone help? I also tried typing "exit" before this.


For direct help and support with running Doom, please check out the forum topic on it: http://olpcnews.com/forum/index.php?topic=93.30

There's great detail in all things technical.

i am so angry my xo shutdown on m ean dit didn't let me download the game it is so suckie anyone else?

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