Previews of One Laptop Per Child on 60 Minutes


Are you getting excited yet? Are you ready for One Laptop Per Child's prime time debut? For OLPC on 60 Minutes tonight? I know I am, and only partly because OLPC News and I will be on the CBS News program with Nicholas Negroponte.

Thanks to the mad skillz of Charbax and his great OLPC TV, we now have the previews to get us all even more excited. First up we have Lesley Stahl who gives a brief overview of the 60 Minutes angle: a OLPC vs. Intel contest:

Then you have an interesting look at the origins of OLPC. Not the extended history, but the real start, Negroponte's fabled Cambodian laptop school. And if you watch the clip to the very end, you'll see me in all my OLPC technology fanboy glory:
Now we'll see you tonight on 60 Minutes!

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I was born in Mexico City, and became an Amewrican 2 years ago, after watching 60 min.
I wish I could travel with Mr Negroponte in such an interesting endevour.
I'm a garduate from Boston University in Education, and actualy an ESL Instructional aide.
My interest for a better world in education goes to infinitum.
Love to hear from Mr N.Negroponte
Spanish, English , understand French and some Portuguese as well as Italian.

Rose Marie,
when you are looking for a opportunity to help out OLPC you might want to check out

You won't get any payment from OLPC. Maybe some governments of target countries are willing to hire somebody. Maybe OLPC can help with contact addresses. Also check out

Good luck.