OLPC News San Francisco Meetup Update: XO and Eee PC

olpc cherlin
Ed Cherlin's OLPC BTest-4 XO

Are you getting excited about tonight? The OLPC News San Francisco Meetup. What if you knew that we'll have two special guests:

  • Ed Cherlin with an Btest-4 XO laptop he has on loan from Google
  • Christopher Segot with a few Asus Eee PC's to play with
And that we'll have a XO Production Celebration OLPC Quiz with a free round of drinks for the winners?

Yeah, its going to be a joe-cool night! Be sure to be at 21st Amendment brewery & restaurant (map) tonight at 6pm.

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So how did it go? This East Coaster couldn't make it.


The night was good - we had two XO's and two Eee PC's to geek out with: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcmetroblogger/tags/meetup/

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