OLPC News San Francisco Meetup on Tuesday, November 6

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No PowerPoint, I promise

Calling all geeks excited about a "$100 laptop": its time to debate the merits of One Laptop Per Child and its impact on the developing world - in person.

I invite you to the OLPC News San Francisco Meetup.

This Tuesday, November 6, starting at 6pm in San Francisco's 21st Amendment brewery & restaurant (map) we'll explore the XO-1 laptop, the upcoming Give 1 Get 1 sales program, and trade Microsoft conspiracy theories over good brews with great people.

And yes, I'll be leading the festivities, including an OLPC trivia contest to keep everyone honest.

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When are you going to stop referring to it as a "$100" laptop?

You guys criticize the other efforts when they don't hit their price points, and then you turn around and do the same thing.


I continue to criticize the fanciful $100 price point, that's why its in quotes. But I still use it because many people outside the geek world are more familiar with "$100 laptop" than OLPC or One Laptop Per Child. A testament to the compelling marketing of Negroponte if not his follow through.

Hi Wayan,

I just found out about your OLPC News meetup and would have loved to attend the event but I already have a very important meeting that evening. I am currently working on another project for children that has received warm support from the MIT Lab and would like to talk to you about it.

Can you please contact me? Thanks and have a great weekend.

Christian Pineau

Four days notice wasn't enough time to organise the visa or the flight over from Australia.

How about setting up a webcam and letting us enjoy from afar. I have a six pack here on ice ;)

Ha! Wish you could make it too, Robert. Next time, I might have a little more lead time myself. Tuesday night only came free on Friday and I figured this would be the best way to celebrate a work trip to SF.

I'll be there with the B4 that Google loaned me. I might be a bit late, since I will be coming from work in Sunnyvale.

I always describe the XO as "what the MIT $100 Laptop has evolved into" when people ask me about the one I carry around. OLPC could design a $100 laptop, but there are sound reasons for including more hardware. It's still cheaper than textbooks. I have a strong notion that they discussed the design and price changes with prospective buyers, even though they haven't talked about that.

India says it has a prototype for a $48 design as part of its "$10 laptop" initiative.

Ed, i seriously doubt india can produce $10 laptops...Where did this figure come from?

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