San Francisco Happy Hour on Thursday!

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Get your XO geek on this week

Are you all in shock about OLPC's half staff sack and what it might mean for the XO laptop's future? Do you think they'll even stay with Sugar or go Windows XO? And just what will deployments look like now that OLPC "refocused".

Come discuss the future of One Laptop Per Child and what could be the future of Sugar and its developers at the OLPC News Happy Hour this Thursday in downtown San Francisco:

OLPC News SF Happy Hour
Thursday, January 15, from 6-8pm
@ 21st Amendment
563 2nd Street, San Francisco (map)

For those interested in an adult OS for your XO, I'm sure we'll have a few Ubuntu XO's, and maybe a Fedora and Xfce machine also.

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Yes I am still in shock.

I was very supprised at the low sales, but then again I had to do a search on to find the G1G1, they did not make a big thing of trying to push them.

I am so hoping that the XO stays with SUGAR & does not go with Microsoft.

I would like someone from OLPC would make this clear once and for all.

Since the Classmate 3 is out now, can anyone find out if Sugar & some sort of linux can be loaded on it?

Yes. The Classmate Tablet supports various Linux distributions.

Would be good to see Sugar on it - I think Sugar's UI would lend itself well to the Classmate's touch screen.

It would be interesting to also make use of the accelerometer for various applications.

The 1024x600 res should make using Sugar less painful than the earlier 800x480 res.

The XO in Afghanistan is starting life as a computer lab in a Kabul school. This is counter to the promise of One Laptop PER Child, which is perhaps why OLPC and this News Forum are ignoring the program.


OLPC News is not ignoring anything OLPC related. We just don't know about it.

I'd love a Guest Post from you telling us about OLPC Afghanistan, especially if its starting as a school lab, which is very counter to the spirit of one laptop per child.