XO-1 Laptop Repair and Rebuilding Workshop Video


OLPC headquarters had a repair workshop and presentation to show people how to tear down XO laptops and rebuilt them from the motherboard up. They taught XO users how to break down and rebuild one in under half an hour, with nothing but a Phillips screwdriver!

Now you can watch their repair session in this fun video:

Note that they mainly used XO-1 laptops, since these are still the most common XO laptops. Those with XO-1.5 will see their repair efforts to be much easier - for instance, the XO-1.5 keyboards just pop out.


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Video soon to be obsolete. XO to be made of unbreakable materials. First, will be the screen, then the rest:


Funny how Negroponte telegraphs the lie (the "unbreakable material") when posed with the question about missing CES - notice how he looks down and away for a second; typical reaction...

Its amazing how many lies are woven round OLPC..

its a great concept, people love the machine, its clearly better on every benchmark except speed and the keyboards that are better for the younger children. but the organization sucks. the folks there do not understand customer service. any other business with half as much rudeness will be shut down a long ago.. these folks must be making profit and why should they not. but don't pay their people. they have made doing good job so much more difficult

negroponte has earned his stripes.. but learned how to lie with far more finess than most human beings.his nose must be very long indeed. just imagine the recent tv show where he claimed that olpc xo was being sold for $180 just when his association advertises it for 209 and buyers in various countries get it for 300 and more. it costs about 400 u s dollars to own one. that is still cheap given what all it can do. all they can do it is be honest and say so. why lie when you look great speaking the truth!