Even Bricked XO-1 Laptops Have Value


Over on eBay, there is still a lively market for XO-1 laptops from the Give 1 Get 1 program of 2007 and 2008. In fact, there is even a strong market for bricked XO laptops that owners don't know how to fix. Just check out this bargain from eecycling:

If a bricked XO doesn't strike your fancy, there are still other, working XO laptops for sale to build out your OLPC quiver.


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I want you all to know that I have now "taught" myself how to repair the bricked laptops. In fact, I just brought five more to Axim, Ghana (thanks you generous folks, you). We have a "community" program there, at "Western Heritage Home", a Ghanaian, locally led NGO. We now have enough to XO-1s to offer a JHS "ICT" educational computing lab class, plus every child in the orphanage has one. The great news is that because we introduced the OLPCs to the town, the government of Ghana has supplied 30 more to a local primary school. I was able to help the teacher update all of his with 10.1.3 and at least give him a quick tutorial and about a 3-inch stake of "activity guides". So, now we have about 70 working OLPCs in town. This is exciting!! So, anyone who has a bricked OLPC---if you would like to donate it, we can fix it and deploy it to the very children it was designed to help out (or any "unbricked", too!!). Please think about it. Maryanne (Ghana Together-- http://ghanatogether.org). [email protected]

The price of an XO is now elevated because there are a few groups trying to accumulate XO's for their projects. Specifically, there is one new buyer: a***a buying almost all the XO's at a price near $200. Previously, the selling price was $100 - $140. Most buyers are aware that "bricked" XO's are easy to fix and so their price is near that of working ones.

I suspect such groups would much prefer a way to buy 25 to 50 XO's or even 100 from OLPC, but there appears to be no way to do that. Tough luck on eBay for anyone without the big bucks.

An XO "not working" and sold for "parts or repair" just went for over $170 including shipping.

Maybe it is time to open up sales in groups of 30 laptops. I know my group wants to fund laptops for our local third grade class.

The problem with XO-1s is that are not produced anymore. The XO-1.5 are only produced when there is a big order. So there is not really any stock of the machines for small sales.
I guess OLPC can not afford to have $1million worth of laptops (5000 units) in a warehouse just waiting for small buyers or even individuals.
Though given the eBay prices (particular for the XO-1.5s) might not be such a bad idea.

Yes, this is a good idea but you wouldn't try to explain it to the dumbas..es at OLPC, they would never listen.

I thought I read somewhere that both XO-1 and XO-1.5 were both being produced in parallel for a period-- have to support existing programs started with XO-1's.

Maybe 100 units could be tagged onto a big order and supplied to ilovemyxo to sell in lots of 10 for small groups (assuming individual sales impractical). I think support could be drummed up to stake ilovemyxo ($20,000).

I think that neither XO-1s not XO-1.5s are produced!
The way I understand it is that you pay for the machines upfront before production starts and when a sufficient number has been reached (10.000?), production starts. Thus, the long and occasionally unpredictable waiting period for orders less that 10.000 machines.
You can order either XO-1s or XO-1.5s but I would doubt someone today will go for the XO-1s.

I’m not sure if in this setting ilovemyxo or any other small outfit, could put down $23-25k for few months and then hope to sell the machines for a profit 6months from now.

I guess OLPC could inform interested parties when production is about to start, to place/pay for small orders (100-500 machines) with the prospective to get the machines in a week or two, and not “whenever”. Such a thing would make a bit more sense from the business prospective and allow small deployments or even individual sales to be served.
But I do not know if such an announcement ever existed.

Of course there is a rumor that sponsor “agreements” prohibited OLPC to get into retail. But I doubt this rumor is true.

What I mean by "drummed up" is "money in the hands" of a small organization having the cooperation of OLPC, such as ilovemyxo, and that IS possible. OLPC appears to be facilitating a supply of parts to ilovemyxo (if they ever arrive). Maybe they could just get parts in the form of complete machines. :)

We are currently purchasing XO on Ebay. Bricked or unbricked ones. The purpose is to send them to our school project in north India. We already have 36 XO there but there are usually 40 to 45 children in a class, that is the reason why we decided to purchase some more. Also, there is no way we could get them in India any more (In the past we purchased 20 of them from OLPC India).
Last reason : we plan to use XO-1 for some more years to come and since it is not build any more, it is important to have enough "stock".
Any way, if somebody has a bricked or unbricked XO and want to donate it to an NGO, feel free to contact me. mvalentin AT oeuvredespains.org

Here is another example of the need for a way to obtain 10 - 20 XO-1's. Small groups are getting it done in spite of obstacles to obtaining XO's. How can we smooth their path?

I am just a spoiled sport and just lamenting that I now have no way to complete my worthwhile project -- others are gobbling up the XO's on ebay (although for a highly meritorious purpose). :)

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