This is OLPC Learning Club Dedication!


On Tuesday night, we have the first ever OLPC Learn Club Holiday Meetup. It was a great night, with motivating speeches by OLE Nepal and OLPC Austria.

But even more than the special guests, we had serious geeks - 42 in all - who came out to support One Laptop Per Child. And while we all give our most to OLPC, there was one couple who stood out.

May I present you with the Russell's, who celebrated a special night by joining us at OLPC LC-DC.

Congratulations you two!

And congratulations to all those who came out on Tuesday. If you have photos, add them to our OLPC LCDC tag. We'll have more updates and videos from the event in the coming days.

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A true geek at heart! When somebody goes to a geek fest for their anniversary, you know they're hooked.

Great seeing that video. Props to the Russell's !

I was so delighted to see two older children enjoying their new laptop!

I loved the meeting on Tuesday, it was really an outstanding event!! :-)

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