Keynote about OLPC in Latin America and what we can learn from it


In early February I got to spend four days in Switzerland as the University of Teacher Education Central Switzerland in Goldau had invited me to give a keynote at their "One to One Computing in School" conference.

I had been asked to talk about the current status quo of OLPC as many people remember the initial announcements about that famed $100 laptop but next to nobody knows what is going on with it these days. As the audience at the conference was very education and school centric I also spent some time discussing what we - and with we I meant people who are interested in this field - can learn from the experiences made in the 40 or so countries which have active OLPC projects at this point.

As the overwhelming majority of XO laptops is currently used in Latin America, Montevideo now undoubtably is the OLPC capital of the world, and neighboring Argentina's Conectar Igualdad program - which will distribute 3 million Intel Classmate PCs to secondary school students and teachers by 2010 2012 - seems to be shaping up to be a true 2nd generation effort I ended up calling my talk "One Laptop per Child in Latin America and what we can learn from it".

The recording of the talk is available in a variety of formats and you can find the accompanying slides here. Please do note that the keynote was given in German but I plan to write up some of my thoughts on this topic - particularly when it comes to what we can learn from more than three years of OLPC projects - right here in the coming weeks.

Update (April 5, 2011): Thanks to a blog-entry by OLPC's Robert Fadel I discovered an error in the original version of this article. Argentina's Conectar Igualdad programs aims to distribute the 3 million Classmate PCs by the end of 2012, not 2010.

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Please do post your thoughts in English. The pdf make it look like it was an interesting, but i don't speak German.

I'm sorry that I haven't gotten around to writing up my thoughts yet but things have been busy quite busy around here. Hopefully the Easter vacation will present some opportunities to get things done on this front! :-)