Talking About OLPC and Negroponte's Helicopter Deployment on The World Tech Podcast


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Even though it was widely reported when Nicholas Negroponte first mentioned that he was planning a new deployment model based on dropping laptops or tablets out of helicopters, few media outlets have bothered to follow up on the idea since then. The one notable exception is New Scientist which conducted an interview with Negroponte in early December where he revealed a few details and the fact that pre-pilots were scheduled to start in January.

Now, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we have tried to keep a close eye on the relevant developments. As such I was more than happy to speak with Clark Boyd, the host of PRI's The World Technology Podcast, when he got in touch just before Christmas to discuss Negroponte's idea and the overall status quo of OLPC.

You can find the resulting 9 minute piece in episode 351 of the podcast (direct MP3 download), it starts about 15min 45sec into the show.

On a related note: I hope to learn more details about how the aforementioned pre-pilot project is going during my upcoming visit in Boston in the last week of February.

Resumen en español: Antes de navidad hice una entrevista con The World Technology Podcast donde hablaba sobre el estado de OLPC y la idea de Nicholas Negroponte en cuanto a la distribución de laptops y tablets con helicópteros. La entrevista se encuentra en episodio 351 del programa (descarga directa del archivo) y la parte sobre OLPC empieza en 15min 45sec.


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Resumen en español al final del artículo

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