OLPC GrassCon Live-Stream


OLPC GrassCon is set to start in a couple of minutes and in order for you to enjoy the show we've embedded the event's streaming player below.

Personally I'm most looking forward to Timothy Falconer's "Waveplace Foundation" (10:30 a.m. EST) and Tomi Davies' "The Galadima Experience" (10:45 a.m. EST) presentations since it's always great to hear reports from what's actually happening in deployments. I also hope that I don't fall asleep (it's 7 a.m. around here) because I'm supposed to go live to talk about "Moving from talk to action." at noon.

Watch live video from GrassCon Channel on Justin.tv

And if you're in the Bay area then make sure to join us at the San Francisco user-group meeting that starts at 10 a.m. local time. You'll find me near the coffee mugs!

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Damn, finding the right combination of free WiFi and AC power-outlets here in downtown San Francisco isn't as easy as one would think. Union Square has the wifi but no power, Starbucks has the power but no free WiFi. :-/

I loved the GrassCon. Here are screenshots and sample videos posted to Flickr and CC for anyone to use http://www.flickr.com/photos/curiouslee/sets/72157606254163536/

how can we have XO laptop here in Pakistan... n how much we have to pay for each... we need it.. please let us now

Update: The archived videos of GrassCon are now posted.